"billy" Puppet From Saw Series

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I am going to start on a project to make a some-what life sized version of Billy from the Saw film series. I am going to try to finish it by the release of Saw VII. I am thinking of modifying a ventriloquist doll, by adding clay to shape the face and painting the face details. The only problem I see is the suit. The shoes are Red Mary Janes, but I'm not sure where I can find a black suit that size.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks


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For the black suit, I do believe that they make black child size suits, so you can looking for one of those. Unless you know somebody that knows how to sew really good and could make one for ya. :p
An easy suit would be to find a used child ring bearer's tux since a lot of families like to incorporate their children into weddings.
UPDATE: Okay, so I can't use my old ventriloquist doll, as it has buck teeth and plastic hair attached to it's head. I am going to purchase THIS, as it has no hair or molded features. About the suit, I got one of my family members to sew it as they are very good at it. Are there any other features that I should add to it? A voice box? A mechanical mouth?
:facepalm: How could I have forgotten the most important part? Thanks for reminding me Link, I might have completely forgotten. As for the tricycle, should I put a magnet on the bottom of Billy so he stays on it?


Remote controlled tricycle.

Motorized mouth responding to users voice/jaw motion.

Voice box giving the puppet that dark, rasping voice.

I'd be sitting in my bed for weeks going "can't sleep, clown will eat me, can't sleep, clown will eat me..."


WOW, I never thought someone would do a project like this! I love Saw movies also so I can't wait until you start posting pictures!

DEFINITELY get a voice box, though. And if you can, it would be awesome if you put a mechanical mouth on him and made him move his head and whatnot.
So I haven't updated in a while. I changed my mind for the head. As the ventriloquist doll's head was too small. I have otten a 3D model (the only 3D model that is) of the saw doll. Jeddychan is current;y unfolding it. Honus told me how to make the mouth move through a servo. The voice box will probaly be wireless headphones/speakers, in his torso. I need your help though, I am uncertain if the sAW doll is 3 or 4 feet tall, I need this information to continue on making this. Thanks
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