Blastech A-295


This is the Blastech A-295 I carried at Anime Milwaukee 2020. It went with my Rebel Hoth Trooper outfit. It has a wooden interior body held together by a metal pipe from a swing set with holes already drilled into it. To help the pipe and the wood blend together, I covered them in wood glue paper mache to cover the cracks. The stock pipe is also from the swing set, and the barrel is PVC. For the front grip, I took a wood glue bottle, and covered it in two cardboard exterior layers. (I separated the outside of the cardboard from the interior perforation) The first layer is a solid rectangular piece, and the other resembles a spine and rib cage for the grip. The handle is wood attached to the body. The scope is a series of tubes fitted inside of each other; A sample tube cut in half, a pill bottle, and a cardboard roll. The pill bottle is translucent orange, and looks like a holographic ring sight. I then covered the whole thing in cardboard wrapped in wood glue paper mache, and painted it. The writing on the side is Aurebesh for "Diplomacy". I have used Diplomacy in over 100 aggressive negotiations.