Blue Team chat-prepare for the 405th!

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Umm :unsure: ...

Ok. Since I'm in charge, atm, If anyone wants to join, just send me an email or pm with your google group name, name on this site, and why you joined.

Let's keep it on topic here. If you want a Red Team, let's see how Blue Team pans out first before we go and make another team.

This stuff takes time, you know?


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That's cool :dee: .

If anyone who has already sent beowulf a email, don't send it to me.

Only new people who want to join, then e-mail me :lindsey: .

It's acutally John's squad, Blue Team is I mean.

Fred's is Red team.

But yea, it's blue team from the books...
It's the name you give yourself when you join our google group.

Ex: Mine is Blue, and beowulf's is...well, beowulf.
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