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I know people probably do these all the time. But I did a thing!

I started out with the BoomCo M6. This thing is already SO close to the in game model. It just needs a couple of tweaks to really be game accurate. I want to make some modifications to it to really match and be faithful to the game but I'll do that further on down the line. This was just a repaint. I took it all apart, put the internals in a container. Then I scrubbed and cleaned all the components to get any residue from mold release or anything else off so the dye will penetrate and the paint will stick.

took the whole thing apart and primed it with Duplicolor Vinyl Dye.

This process took the whole day. I sprayed it in super thin layers letting each layer dry to the touch before applying the next, over and over until the black dots all melded together. The next step was to mask off everywhere I needed to stay black. Then I rubbed on some silver paint to simulate metal grain. In this step I made sure to actually NOT be thorough, because I wanted some of the nooks and crannies to stay black for the effect of age.

The next step was my favorite, because it's like magic. I got some Silver flake Rub 'n Buff and rubbed it on with a gloved finger. Rubbed it on, rubbed it in, spread it out. I swear I used MAYBE a pea sized dollup of this stuff and the pieces came out looking like they were made of metal.

Next I took off the mask and used the left over Rub 'n Buff on some of the black areas just to give it a small amount of sheen and silver flake to make it appear like metal.

over view of all the finished pieces just before clear coating


Then I test fit all the exterior components together after the clear coat. It looks good already!

And now, after final assembly, here are the glamour shots!





And the final image compared to a not painted (but fancier than the original that I painted) BoomCo Magnum.

I hope you guys liked this thread. I hope it wasn't too long or wordy or not wordy enough. I'm new here and I'm just trying to contribute! Let me know what you think. I'm going to be doing another one of these in a few days, any feed back on what I could change to make it more realistic/more faithful to the game version is welcomed!

Ninja edit: I forgot to mention that I'm going to be attempting to replicate some halo 5 weapon skins. Maybe in a couple of weeks. Are people interested in seeing those too? I'm going to start with Last Dawn. I'll probably due Azure Dream next.

Eventually I'm going to move up to the BoomCo AR as well but that's a much bigger project. I want to get a few of these little ones under my belt first.
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I do like the paint job FurySamurai72. Great work. The time to disassemble and then correctly reassemble alone is a pain but you did a great job. The only down side I have to the Boom-Co prop mods is that they are sized for kids......I have a hard time getting my full hand in the grip and if i'm wearing my armored glove.......

my pinkie sticks out like it's tea time :D.
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I used to think that these were perfectly proportioned. But now that I look closer I realize that its proportioned for a normal, ungloved hand perfectly. It fits me like a glove, but wouldn't fit me if I had (armored) gloves.