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Brand New Member! Greetings!

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by KnavishPlum, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    So uh... Hi,

    For a little summary: I got into Halo in late 2013, Reach being my first Halo with Halo 5 being my first "real" Halo (like playing at launch, that kinda thing), I love the ODST helmet and would love to create my Reach spartan one day, that and to make a real Astromech Droid.

    Unlike my astromech though, I actually have the armor thing started as I already have my Helmet. I didn't make the helmet cast or visor, only did the paint job, I bought it off Etsy from LostViking and I really love it. The way the visor connects really helps with wearing glasses.

    But I need some help, I painted this helmet before I thought about the idea of making a body to go with it and so I could wear it next month at this little comic-con like thing near my town every year. But anyone who played Reach would see that its not accurate, the maroon is wrong and the silver weathering is way off, barely noticeable. The stripes and their outlines are too dark.

    So I ask, it their anyway to remove the paint? It is clear coated and use arcylic hand paint for the stripes, drybrushing and black wash. I basically want to remove all areas that are not black on the helmet, like the round things on the sides or the vent ends. I know removing acrylic is tough, so I though I would ask before doing anything else.

    So.. Hello!

    EDIT: Woah... I am sorry about the large pic, did not see it being that big.

  2. mblackwell1002


    Hey man! Welcome to the 405th! Hope you enjoy your time here!

    Anyway, I would imagine sanding the whole thing is the most effective way to remove that paint. I would do some 300+ grit and then hit it with some 600 grit or something. Try to get the crevasses pretty well with sandpaper to ensure a nice finish, but form the most part, small areas won't make a huge difference.

    I don't think you want to use any chemicals for fear of melting the casted resin.

    I know that's a pretty lame response on my part, but that's usually the solution. "Just sand the darn thing" :p

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your build!
  3. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    Well that is why I thought I would ask upon joining, I wanted the opinion of more experienced people, as boring as the answer may seem, I find it good. My only worry is hurting the shape or detail of the helmet due to the grit. But this does allow me to keep the black sections intact.
  4. Schankerz


    Greetings young squire, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm just popping in to say I don't see anything wrong with your paint job, in fact it's really pretty darn good. Maybe I think looks different in person than the picture but the maroon looks just fine to me compared to the game, and your weathering and blackwashing looks fantastic. Of course it's entirely your choice but I'd say keep it the way it is, love the paint scheme you've got already and if you only have a month to finish it may be wise to keep the paint now to save time. Painting and weather my whole suit took about a week, with building the whole armour taking about five months.

    But hey, it's your suit and I look forward to seeing how the rest turns out, best of luck to you!
  5. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    The maroon is more reddish and darker than what is seen, but its mainly the weathering that bothers me. As you can see by looking at my avatar, the "under metal" is very noticeable and drastic, large chunks in the front and its very dirty and scratched the back. Mine is just some little lines. I mean, I am happy with it and don't plan to do anything till after August as I am going to wear it to the Connecti-con near my town. But since I do want to make my body more accurate, I would like to switch the main color to the more faded red.

    Oh... uh also if anyone could do this for me is would be very helpful. So I see that many use Vanity when making Reach armor and I tried to get it like a month ago, but it did not work, so if anyone has it, could you make my guy so I could use it as reference and I kinda don't have the chest and left shoulder yet cause I am not General. Almost their though! Halfway to Brigadier Grade 2!

    Helmet: ODST (no attachments)
    Chest: Grenadier (with collar)
    Right: EVA
    Left: Security (no knife)
    Wrist: Tacpad
    Utility: Soft pack
    Visor: Silver
    Knees: Grenadier
    Colors: Maroon and Steel (Same as avatar)
    EDIT: Just tried to install it again tonight and still no luck... I do wish I could get it working.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2017
  6. Hibson


    Have you tried creating your ODST in the Halo mod for Arma III? Might help you out!
  7. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    I sadly don't think that will help me, I am not making an ODST, but my Reach Spartan who wears an ODST helmet. Also, and the more important reason, my laptop is not a great game runner and looking at this game I think by laptop would kill itself trying to run it. So Vanity would be better, but I cannot get it working, it keeps saying it can't update or find the file or something like that.
  8. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Here you go :)

  9. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    Thanks so much!
  10. Hibson


    Got it, glad someone was able to help you out! I don't even know what Vanity is :D
  11. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    Ya, it does look like a cool game though. Vanity is like an armor previewed for Reach, but it's older and doesn't seem to work, at least not for me.

    But ya, sadly cant do any work cause I am on a college trip.
  12. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    Hey again! Finally home for the weekend my college trip (1 week left). and I have some ideas, but would just like a little advice and some opinions.

    So here is my idea of like a piece chart to distinguish between hard and soft pieces (foam and pep).
    I made the shoulders hard at first, but I think that would be to heavy. I mainly made the parts in these areas hard because of where they are, like the wrist are hard so if pressure is put on maybe a chair arm, it won't end up having a dent in it. Also, I talked to LVP about what I should do about the helmet and removing the paint and he said to use a small amount of lacquer thinner, but everything I look up says it would just melt the helmet plastic, its PETG.
    Vanity Spartan Piece Chart

    (can't get picture to just appear :(... )
  13. Hibson


    You might want to try diluted lacquer thinner... It might work better.
  14. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    That would probably be better, diluted would probably be much safer and less dangerous on the helmet.

    Also, just to throw it out there.. Is there a foam plan for the Reach hand plate?

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