Brick or Bust (WIP)

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You know that feeling of disappoint when your told tell have what your looking for in the next shipment, and you go there just to find out that they still haven't been able to restock the very thing your looking for that's me for the last to months at 5 below, they say theyll get base boards in the next shipment but when you get there you find out it was a lie, I'm sorry but I'll buy a 14 buck board at Walmart this month but I wont like it when I can buy three for the piece of one at 5 below
Okay found out why I wasnt able to find the base plates at 5 below, turns out Walmart is selling them now for 12 cents cheaper so i bought a bunch and I'm trying to catch up on my moc which hasnt seen a bit of work in two weeks do to I had nowhere to put things.
Okay builds not dead I'm trying to fit something into my moc that is well troubling I want this to be as cannon friendly as possible but I've ran into a problem, and that problem is the heartland Lego sets, aka the friends line ( I find set at a bargain store at 75% off so dont judge) and before I start slapping the stores and vehicles in I'd like to make sure that heartland isnt something in halo that already exists, because if it doesnt then the mocs colony world could be its hub meaning I could go nuts with it and not worry, been meaning to ask Installation 00 discord havent had the time due to its Halloween and well I do a maze for the local kids lol.
Okay some of the guys at Installation 00 discord are giving me the green light so time to add all kinds of friends set to the moc. Now I just need to get more base plates and hope I dont run out of room lol becase I'm buying more sets then I might have room for.
So with the start of a new month it's time to go down to my local dollar store and buy some bricks. Which some times they dont have anything in the color I need but I'll buy 25 packs of the 48 brick packs they have, and for the last three months they had farm sets nothing too big but enough to wet my mouth so I bought some.

Now these farm sets are pretty cheap one came with nine pieces but it was a animal set with a dog and some sheep; quick note can someone tell me if sheep farming are still a thing in 2500. Now they have fruit trees (mainly just and apple or any red tree born fruits) and a small wheat plot; need to buy more of those set just for the wheat. The other sets arent that great some fences, a tiny windmill, and tiny farm house( moving that to the toy store.) And that was it for the farms then I noticed something new and my jaw dropped and I grabbed one of these new sets light bricks with these I can do more with lighting then I was before with the large lighting kits I've got, the devil is in the details and boy is he happy right now I'll post pics when I can.
Okay I got the pics of the lighting at night sorry it's taken so long.


The red bar is a slow flash bar ripped for a light stick you get at events 3 bucks well spent lol


Most of the lights flash red and blue for the police vehicles
So I've hit a road block... the covenant lich... I cant find a cross section for one if my life depended on it and I've looked around for a good bit and so far nothing google has only outside views none of the interior so I'm having to load up halo 4 for that crap which isnt fun atm, becasue it's a drain on power been working with the in game model power bill went up 30 bucks, I need a cross section pretty soon guys.
Projects been slow since the holidays drained me of most of my moc funds, plus my brick source done ran out of bricks so I'm left with vegetation, and roof sets there, not sure about buying a lot of those might buy some roofs for parts.

Other then that holidays did get we a few sets like some darts (halo wars supply ships) for 15$ a piece so went and bought a pair, a pair of oni mongooses, and some smaller sets, might get pics in then next few days.
Okay I have some sad news, I was going two counties over to my local lego store, and I walk in the mall, and find out it was gone, so now I'm buying parts from the warehouse and I made the order on Sunday and it said three to five for delivery Wednesday rolls in no packages. So I check on my order to see if it's still reroute, and guess what it was still at the warehouse... so I'm ticked about that, so I looked around town found some sets that when on sell bought what I could, and now I need to work on some builds and might have photos by next week depending on my side job needing my help with stuff
So I've got a question and I asked on Installation 00's discord but got no where, does anyone have a good name for a 25th century colonial company name who's mascot would be a deer?
Clarification: company based in the colonial region of the U.S. selling/ trading goods, or company like a whole bunch of people in a group of militant UNSC costumes?
So I've got a question and I asked on Installation 00's discord but got no where, does anyone have a good name for a 25th century colonial company name who's mascot would be a deer?
That's a head scratcher to be honest. I can only think of Hannibal Weapon Systems using an animal in their logo and that's a pair of elephants. Thank you for sending me down this lore rabbit hole.
I'm starting to question the speed of the US postal service, it's been two weeks this coming Sunday since I made my order, and for the past five days its said it's in transit, and I cant do any more until, said shipment comes in
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