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Trust me, the feeling of holding one of these is amazing! Had a blast making it and figuring out how to do it from scratch for Halo Outpost. This post is for those who are crafting on a budget!
Materials: You'll need a circular-shaped plastic bottle (if you can find one that's already tinted orange it'll save you a step of having to cut an orange plastic sleeve), leds with on and off switch (sold at walmart for $1), little caesars marinara sauce containers x2, bits of foam, black durable plastic paper (I pulled from a binder cover), orange folder (plastic sleeve), white stuffing (from a pillow or stuffed toy), thick plastic (cut up dvd cases), Exacto knife.
Binding materials: Hot glue, super glue
Paints: base coat black acrylic paint and mod podge to seal once acrylic has dried.

I hope this helps. Happy Crafting! Shoot me a message if you run into any hiccups.


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