Build Thread - Coffee


A dangerous build thread to start since I know how many of us are particular about our coffee.

Please feel free to reply with your favorite way to make this elixir of life.

The way I am posting about today is cold brew in my French Press. I usually go with regular drip coffee because mornings are hard in the winter but during the warmer months this is my preferred method!


Step one is DO NOT USE PRE-GROUND COFFEE. I buy the biggest bag of whole beans at the grocery store and keep it in this tub with a scooper.


Step two, break out the grinder. This one isn't anything fancy. Just the one my parents bought in the late 80s/early 90s. Some people are particular about their grind and use other grinder types but this one has served me well and was free. And I love free.


Step three, coarsely grind. French presses need the coffee to be coarsely ground. I am honestly not too sure if it affects the cold brew but it hasn't hurt anything yet.


Step four, add coffee and water. I was originally gonna weigh it but I got distracted and forgot to write down weights. But I do it a 1:1 ratio of oz:cup. Idk if that math is right but basically for every oz of grounds, there is a cup of water. So 2 oz coffee grounds, 2 cups of water. I did four for today's cause that makes enough for a few mornings...but it basically completely fills my french press and some grounds spill out in the next step.


Step five, get the grounds wet by stirring. I use a long wooden chopstick to get all the grounds wet. You can see the difference between this step and the previous.

Step six, no photo because I need to clean my fridge. But I put cling wrap on top of the French press and stick it in the fridge.

Step seven, wait. I do mine over night. This batch was made at like 9 pm/21:00. I think if you do it on the counter then it only takes a few hours but I have not tested it.


Step eight, plunge, pour, and enjoy! I usually add a bit of milk so I am not drinking pure elixir cause then I can see sound and taste colors. But you do you. This made enough for a small travel mug and a mason jar worth of coffee.


I usually drink this in the summer and even add coffee ice cubes so it isn't watered down but you do you.

Please add your favorite way to brew!

P.S. yes, I am such a white girl that sometimes I drink it out of the mason jar with a straw if I am not going to work. Usually paired with avocado toast.
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