Build Thread - French Toast


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Working from home is a thing and nothing breaks up the week quite like a big breakfast on a Friday! Keeping in the theme of these food build threads this is a simple breakfast with common ingredients that you'll likely have in your kitchen with a few extras added in to keep things interesting.

For a good french toast you'll want to mix about a quarter cup of milk, an egg, a drop of vanilla and then dunk the bread in your whisked up eggie mixture. What we had was a big loaf of Manchester Honey loaf (thanks discount rack) all the basics and some cinnamon, cloves and cardamom to add to the mix.

After the eggie dunk and the bread has soaked up all the goodness it can manage slap it in a frying pan on medium heat for two to three minutes per side or until golden brown to your taste.

To make this even more Canadian we got some thick cut maple smoked bacon to fry up alongside the toast. Also the toast wanted some syrup from la belle province and because Friday we mixed in some peach Crown Royal to make a fruity maple boozey treat.

Slap it all together, grab your coffee cup (Tim Hortons preferably) and start the day off right.

French toast, bacon, yogurt and coffee is some good brain food!