Building a Magnum Kit.


Jr Member
Back in November during the extra life livestream, I won a M6C Socom magnum kit. and with all the ups and downs with delivery since then, it has arrived to my place and I've already played with it more than I have finishing it. But here is a list of what I have done.

removing remaining supports and cleaning up the rough edges with some light sanding.
Put the pieces together with some super glue and elbow grease. (some parts were annoying to put together).
filled in and sanded the magnum with spot puddy
and the only step I took a picture for. Filler primer time. I hope to finish this kit before the end of the night. and I'll probably add one or two updates to this.

(special thanks to Rock Lobbster for keeping me updated with the magnum as it was printing and preparing to be sent.)