1st Build Building a Reach Hybrid Suit


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I mean, if you do boot covers then it probably doesn't matter. I say what I did because I use sacrificial shoes in my builds, which makes boots by far the most expensive part to build.
At the end of the day though, it's whatever works for you :)
Always been a fan of the Halo: Reach Scout. Not enough out there. Well done!

Also, I am the exact opposite of RandomRanger . Id rather start at the boots for because there's so much room to hide crimes when learning. Plus it gives you that integral learning curve of how to properly reinforce seams and plan for high stress sections of armor. That and its fun to just have goofy over-sized shoes first before anything.

I also tend to start with helmets when I worked with clients, because at least if they don't know if they want to do a full suit, they still have a kickass display piece. I learned most of my painting tricks from working on them.
Funny you mention shoes i found this post just today and damn if it wasnt an insight and a half 1st Build - WandererTJ's Mjolnir Mk. V (Custom) - S-128 - [Hybrid Build] [Pic Heavy]


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Hello again! I caught the Rona so I've been stuck at home. When I haven't been feeling miserable, I've been finishing up my bucket! She still needs touch ups, but for my first paint job I'd say I didn't do half bad!


Also my bathroom looks like a crime scene now BUT ITS FINE BECAUSE I TAPED UP A DROP CLOTH!


Masking took me like an hour, I think? Lots of tiny pieces of tape for those curves.


And here she is! I'll begin on touchups and detail work tomorrow. I'm so excited to finish it!


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Looks great!

Paint bleed is a pain, but whether you turn it into battle damage or go back and do touchups it'll end up looking awesome. Good work!

You can try using your nails to really press your masking tape down on those edges and/or a trick for painting patterns on walls that works on costumes/props too is to mask, paint over the taped edges with the color you're masking off, then paint your second color. That pass of the original color over the tape line helps close off the gaps between the part and the tape to help reduce bleedthrough.