Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper


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Thanks to my friends Tony Celliers of Dynamic Digital Creations for the 3D file, and Mark T from Tharwa Valley Forge for modifying said file, then CNC routing it out of a random bit of biscuit-joined wood. After a glue together and clean-up, it painted to look pretty darned good.





There were a couple of ergonomics in the 3D cad, that translated to shapes my eye could not accept in the real. This week, I layered on some more foam on top of the nose, to correct the drop from the cockpit firewall to about half way down the nose. I also got rid of a ledge on the top that shouldn’t have been there.





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My talented tailor friend, has been working on the flight suit. Tonight's consultation and fitting was a big leap in progress. We are nearly ready to cut the real material now that the proportions and positioning of the armour scales and vest have been worked out. Photos look a little bit out because the armour isn't yet sewn to the suit.





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Demolitions on my pergola over the Viper are complete. I have to clean up the rubble now and have it taken away, then I can roll the central fuselage away to the other driveway, so it's out of the way for the two new rooms. As soon as that's done, i can build my bigger, better shed/workshop/hangar.

Moving the Viper to the other driveway is the challenge.

Bunnings sells really flimsy dolly trolleys, so I made my own the same dimensions of the feet. I'm in the middle of replacing all the plywood cladding around the feet with steel, including 8mm thick steel baseplate under each foot. I will drill holes in the edge of the baseplate, so I can bolt the dolly trolleys under them for ease of moving around. I'd hate to be pushing the Viper along and have it come off a trolley.


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*mental image of the Viper slipping away and rolling down the street* he he he

This is another very inspirational build. Just to reiterate. I'm stoked to see when it's finally done.


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Looking forward to a five day prospecting trip to get away from all this.

I made a massive mess today and yesterday and for the last couple of weeks, but I'm in the process of cleaning it all up. It cost me over $7k in bloody ACT approvals to get an extra couple of rooms extended on one end of my house, where the Viper currently sits. That's without spending money on even one brick!

At the other end of the house, I've cut down the carport and demolished the shittiest shed you have ever seen in your life! I mean, did the builder even have a loose plan or did he just make it up as he went along? I had to get through bolts, screws, rivets and welds, not to mention every joint filled with nomore gaps, silastic and paint! Still going filling a 10m3 skip bin with rubble, but at least I had local utes, vans and trailers lining up for all the materials I stacked up neatly on the curb.

As a knockdown-rebuild, at least the new shed will neat and tidy, not to mention comes with compliant structural engineering certificate. It should arrive mid-month, then I'll have a hangar for the Viper and lots of space for machinery and work benches.

Bring on the serenity of a remote creek...

Carport down.


New side fence up.


shed to burn down. (I wish it was that easy)



Shed gone. Crappy brick retaining wall to bust up. (Massive tree stump and leader roots pushing it in from behind.)



Viper weather proofed until the new shed is up at the other end of the house.




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Interview with Lee Stringer - Builds By Baz

HERE IT IS! Thank you Lee Stringer, for your monumental efforts, helping me get this done. I'm sure BSG fans will SQUEEEEEE!!!!



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Visits with my tailor have been few and far between, but at last we have started putting the flight suit together! He's the expert in fabrics, sewing etc etc, I am the gruntwork and consultant. While I was cutting, gluing and covering the back scales, he started on zips and pockets. Trying very hard to be screen accurate, but there are so many versions of the suit from the hero suit, to what you see on a lot of the background pilots, fan-made work, etc etc. Some suits varied from season to season too, by the looks of it. We have drained the internet of all reference material, discerning what is genuine and what is not.






Scales covered, ready for top-stitching. (That's what he said anyway. :p )



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Slowly, slowly wins the race. Getting my tailor's busy life to fit mine is a real challenge!

Finally started sewing the thing together on Monday night. It's exciting to see it build up in layers. I'm a bro who doesn't sew, but it was amazing to see just how difficult and skilled it is. Still, even with no sewing experience, I am very much needed as a consultant to position the pieces and make decisions on the fly. That's why none of it can be done without me there.

Backscale armour on.




My legendary boss was also kind enough to use his new laser etching machine to do a little experiment on one of my old clean-skin camping knives. I have some ideas to make an original Baz Viper pilot combat knife. They don't wear one in the show, but the way I see it, if you were to enter atmosphere and survive a crash landing, a pilot might want to have some sort of combat/survival knife. I've drawn up a few drafts, but I'll show everyone when it's done.

Crappy knife etch test.