Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper


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Thanks to my friends Tony Celliers of Dynamic Digital Creations for the 3D file, and Mark T from Tharwa Valley Forge for modifying said file, then CNC routing it out of a random bit of biscuit-joined wood. After a glue together and clean-up, it painted to look pretty darned good.





There were a couple of ergonomics in the 3D cad, that translated to shapes my eye could not accept in the real. This week, I layered on some more foam on top of the nose, to correct the drop from the cockpit firewall to about half way down the nose. I also got rid of a ledge on the top that shouldn’t have been there.





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My talented tailor friend, has been working on the flight suit. Tonight's consultation and fitting was a big leap in progress. We are nearly ready to cut the real material now that the proportions and positioning of the armour scales and vest have been worked out. Photos look a little bit out because the armour isn't yet sewn to the suit.





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Demolitions on my pergola over the Viper are complete. I have to clean up the rubble now and have it taken away, then I can roll the central fuselage away to the other driveway, so it's out of the way for the two new rooms. As soon as that's done, i can build my bigger, better shed/workshop/hangar.

Moving the Viper to the other driveway is the challenge.

Bunnings sells really flimsy dolly trolleys, so I made my own the same dimensions of the feet. I'm in the middle of replacing all the plywood cladding around the feet with steel, including 8mm thick steel baseplate under each foot. I will drill holes in the edge of the baseplate, so I can bolt the dolly trolleys under them for ease of moving around. I'd hate to be pushing the Viper along and have it come off a trolley.


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*mental image of the Viper slipping away and rolling down the street* he he he

This is another very inspirational build. Just to reiterate. I'm stoked to see when it's finally done.