Full Turn Around of my Stormtrooper Armor!


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Well, its been a while since I posted anything regarding my stormtrooper armor, so here it is! A full look at my Stormtrooper Armor! It is made to replicate the originals seen in A New Hope!

Let me know of your thoughts down below!
I usually upload this cosplay on my Tiktok, so feel free to follow me "themasterchiefproduction"


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Not yet, but I am looking forward to do so! I am still working on some modifications, but this October, I will be joining the 501st!
You're braver than I, I've been using my Stormtrooper armor for years and I still haven't joined, despite promising myself I will every year... You may want to cut down the thighs a little bit and make them less wide, it will help a lot with mobility, just don't do too much. Looking good, and I wish you luck with the 501st!

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