Bungie Day 2011


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Frankly, I'm getting fed up with people saying that Bungie Day "failed". Fine, what would have made it better for you? What did you want?! The only thing you specifically mentioned was the ViDoc, which as Shade88 mentioned, isn't coming out until 8/2, and they never promised any date other than that. So there's nothing they said they would do that they didn't.

You people forget that Bungie Day is Bungie's day!. It's not "Bungie-gives-tons-of-free-gifts-to-their-fans-day". But then again, they still give us free stuff, like Star nameplates, and the blue flames, chances to win REAL steak, and Super cR Jackports. They're not required to do anything, yet they do.

So please stop saying Bungie Day failed, because you should be thanking Bungie, and just be happy there IS a Bungie day.


actually i said apart from not showing what they where gonna show (which they gave a reason for AFTER i posted) that it was good :)
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