Bungie license armor

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That costume makes me so angry to look at, seeing rubies quality of all their products just make me even more angry, Microsoft would be smart and buy the rights to mold a suit made by someone from this site rather than seeking rubies armor.
I'm sure rubies got it more for having a large established distribution system and name recognition than quality.

But that's why they sold the other one to master replicas.
Master replica's will make one like blue realms, master replica makes alot of stuff they themselves dont sell, but show off, their quality is always good, maybe it wont be as accurate as blue realms, or it will be just as good. Still though, armor itself is always expensive.
I am curious to see what Master Replicas will produce. I own a lot of their stuff and it looks good...but I am really not impressed with the Rubies costume at all.
seriously hope they scrap all plans to sell it. would destroy the market on costumes- unless your selling ultra well made parts
Sean Bradley said:
Actually the undersuit of the Rubies armor is just the Shirt and Pants from Rubies Darth Vader costume... look closer, and you'll recognize it. It's really obvious around the neck.

OMG...your right. Like its Vader chief...kinda pathetic imo.
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Here's a close up of the Rubies take on the Chief when it was in Singapore for the World Cyber Games 2007.

Don't ask me who the kid is, I have no idea. This was the only shot my bud managed to get when he was looking for the Chief. Whatever it is, there is something seriously wrong with that suit...especially the helmet.


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Guh, the rubies suit is just ugly, but the there's also something wrong about the first suit posted too. Looks a little too costumey with the paint job.
Sean Bradley said:
I don't know why you guys are arguing about this Japanese armor... it isn't the set that will be sold nationwide. Where did you get that ides?

This is the armor thats going to be sold by Rubies:


I wouldn't expect to even see it listed at their website until late summer next year... but you can go look at their other liscensed costumes... they've got alot.

I think that armor looks terrible. Mabey if the helm was Wider/shorter and all the rest of it. Why would he go out in that cheesy looking crap.
And they think it looks good
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Here comes my rubies rant

1. the upper arms seem like sticks attached to the undersuit
2. the helmet looks too odd, it isnt chiefy at all, it seems too tall and not wide enough, the chin doesnt bulge out enough, and the visor is not the correct shape.
3. the torso seems sized for a small child and slabbed onto a 7 foot guy
3. the thighs are ok...
4. the lower arm pieces look like they are not logn enough or thich enough, these look to be too thin and detail is not sharp enough
5. the lower leg pieces dont look muscular at all, look at any good old armor, even westerfields and they get the muscular effect right.
6. Why is he wearing darth vader's undersuit
7 the boots seem to narrow and not wide enough
8. the chief doesnt have a huge gash on his right torso chest area.
The suit till probably be +2,000. Just as a guess.
And Don't expect to be getting it on the cheap.
Really, it's not too bad. You get a decent helm, and pretty good armor that will fit you.
The only thing REALLY weird about it is the battle scar.
i'd say if anything needs to be fixed, its the chest.
The legs are ok, the arms seem....odd, and the chest isnt bulk enough. everything is detailed, but not bulky enough.
Frost, if you look closely in the game, the chief isn't as bulky as you think. ;) least, not in H3.
Just a quick FYI.
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