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Ok, so I'll put all of Bungie's Weekly Updates in this thread. The newest are at the top, oldest at the bottom.

EDIT: Now with a quick paragraph about the story!

7/13/2007: Sure it's the13th, but moreover it's Friday and you know what that means: Tons of text to read in the Bungie Weekly Update.

7/12/2007: One of Bungie's brilliant Art Directors, Aaron LeMay, dishes some details on the Halo 3 Xbox 360.

7/10/2007: The drought of campaign related media is eased. Click and sup from the cup of Halo 3 media.

7/5/2007: They say "Pictures are worth a thousand words." So, we were wondering "What's a new Campaign screenshot worth, then?"

7/3/2007: Months ago, media mens came to the Bungie headquarters to get some new scoops in the wake of the Halo 3 Public Beta.

6/28/2007: Finger-sized figures and the table top game you'll play with them this fall. Meet the Halo ActionClix.

6/28/2007: Team EGM is in the house this week for the Humpday; but they pulled up lame. Thankfully, the folks from TrueSkill were willing to oblige.

6/29/2007: More terrabytes than you can shake a stick at. Where has Mister Chief been? And a mode one dood called "the greatest ever," in multiplayer.

6/26/2007: Not three, but four winners in the "make a sweet Halo-themed car in Forza 2" talentacular.

6/22/2007: Evolving effects, the minutiae of a 25-24 one on one slayer match and preparing for the press' next visit to Bungie.

6/21/2007: With pounds and pounds of meat on the line, battle is waged, grudges are settled, and bets are ended.

6/20/2007: Legendary comic book and action figure god, Todd McFarlane chats with Bungie about sculpting another legend.

6/18/2007: Artists, infinitely more talented and patient than us, created some amazing Halo-themed cars in Forza 2. We drool, they rule.

6/15/2007: Something wet this way comes via stirring return to one of Halo 3's ponds. Also: Ears am exploded and Chris Butcher's big flyswatter.

6/14/2007: Even though the Beta is over, we still get to play Halo 3. So this week, with salt in your wounds, we played more Halo 3.

6/13/2007: Designers Tyson Green and Lars Bakken are joined by Producer and famous griefer Joe Tung to reflect on the Beta that was.

6/12/2007: In addition to the animation S.W.A.T. team at Bungie, we recruited some extra bodies for Halo 3's cinematics.

6/13/2007: Designers Tyson Green and Lars Bakken are joined by Producer and famous griefer Joe Tung to reflect on the Beta that was.

6/8/2007: Bon Voyage Beta. What's up with the Collector's Edish of Halo 3? Y hallo thar Forza 2 car editor. And Mister Chief's return.

6/7/2007: We demanded massive amounts of Gold, tier 6 Gear and flying Phoenix Mounts. Instead all we got were these three games.

6/5/2007: Amidst waves of entries, one swashbuckled and spliced its mainbrace above the rest. That's not to say other entries didn't inspire us, though.

6/1/2007: Campaign! Multiplayer! Losing RP for quitting games and the Top 10 bad habits of the Halo 3 beta.

5/30/2007: How much do you love the Master Chief? Maybe not as much as the singers in this video. Meet who's behind "I want the Master Chief."

5/31/2007: Old rivalries are renewed and new rivalries are born in this week's Humpday Challenge.

5/28/2007: When the Beta came out, the kids were like, "OMG that sounds kewl." Meet the kewlmeisters.

5/25/2007: Loads of your questions answered about the Halo 3 Public Beta. Plus: We answer a question you didn't even ask: "What's a heat map?"

5/24/2007: We braved the wastes of Live and came away the conquerors of souls. Warning: Agony and Tears within.

5/23/2007: This recruiter holds a key to getting inside these walls. Here's how to impress her and how to alienate her completely.

5/18/2007: This week: Playing with a Doctor, the truth about Berlin, beta housecleaning and the banhammer.

5/15/2007: This is the day the wait ends.

Welcome to the Beta: A complete guide to the Halo 3 Beta, from getting started to advanced gameplay tips.

5/11/2007 : Despite being away on business, Frankie co-pilots this pre-Momma's Day Weekly Update.

5/10/2007: The next Halo novel is announced. Halo: Contact Harvest, is coming soon, and the author is our own Joseph Staten. We chat.

5/4/2007: This week there is a LOT of information. You pretty much have to read this one. Seriously.

5/2/2007: Wow! Design an emblem, and if it's the winner, your emblem design will be featured in the actual Halo 3 game!

5/1/2007: We chat with some of the developers of Shadowrun about their new game and the influence Halo had on it.

4/27/2007: We have a nice, fat update today, with lots of Halo 2 and Halo 3 stuff for you, including some interesting new art.

4/20/2007: Very, very short Weekly Update today, but some good news about failed Halo 2 map downloads, at the very least.

4/20/2007: EGM thought they could take us on. They thought they controlled the media. They thought they could win. They thought wrong.

4/17/2007: The new Halo 2 maps are here. Bug fixes, workarounds and details about their inclusion in next week's Matchmaking playlists, inside.

4/13/2007: Most of the cool info was revealed on Tuesday in the Multiplayer Vidoc, but here's some stuff on matchmaking and more.

4/11/2007: We chat with Certain Affinity's art lead, Chris Wood, about the visual look and feel of the new Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps.

4/10/2007: We reveal the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta release date, and let you see MP footage and more in our latest Vidoc.

4/6/2007: This week, Matchmaking, rank resets, Cinematics and...drum roll...the evolution of Fusion Cores! Are you not entertained!?

4/5/2007: We stupidly take on Certain Affinity at the maps they just spent months building and playing. PS., Shishka Sucks.

4/3/2007: We have a long chat with Certain Affinity's Max Hoberman about making the new Halo 2 maps. Lots of insight follows.

4/1/2007: After a couple of leaks, Bungie is forced to make a statement regarding its current movie project. Statement inside.
(Bare in mind that the above one is an April Fool's Joke)

3/30/2007: In this weeks update, we concentrate almost exclusively on the new Halo 2 maps, announced this morning. Lots o' details inside!

3/30/2007: At last we reveal the two downloadable Halo 2 maps coming later this year. And no, it's not an April Fool's. Screens and info inside.

3/29/2007: The Webmaster is back. Fat lot of good that's going to do you. Misplaced letters answered by a drunken monkey.

3/26/2007: This week, we take a look at what's probably the all time favorite vehicle in the enitre Halo universe. It's the Warthog.

3/23/2007: We talk about atmosphere and scale in this Week's Update, and of course it wouldn't be an update without a mention of water, would it?

3/22/2007: Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Halo 3 Legendary Edition and meet the people making it happen...

3/21/2007: This week, artists and animators from Industrial Light & Magic took on Bungie for a fight to the finish in the Bungie Humpday Challenge.

3/19/2007 : Welcome to the new Bungie.net. It's the result of a long, hard and rewarding collaboration of art, technology and design.

3/16/2007: This week we talk about AI and graphics in the Campaign, and talk about the thing on everyone's minds today - the announcement and revelation of the Halo Legendary Edition. Lots of froth and panic inside. Enjoy!

3/9/2007: We got power back, which means the Weekly Update now has images and a few nuggets of information in here for folks looking forward to the forthcoming public beta, and a revelation or two about what options will be available.

3/2/2007: Welcome to another Bungie Weekly Update, where we keep you apprised of stuff happening in the creation of Halo 3. This week, animation, grass, water, weather, weapons and more. And Sketch pops in with a little hot dish of Halo 2 mappery.

2/28/2007: Another in our continuing and in-depth looks at the weapons of Halo 3. This time we expose a dual wieldable weapon, designed exclusively for Halo 3. The Brute Spiker. A nasty, vicious, shredding horror used primarily by Brutes. Learn to love it now. And make sure you have QuickTime installed...

2/23/2007: This weeks update is basically me frothing about graphics and features that loads of you don't care about. But I love graphics. There's plenty of audio stuff in here too, and shock, a new Halo 3 screenshot. Although it's not what you think it is...

2/16/2007 : Interesting update this week, with the first ever look at the new imagery designed to tease and promote Halo 3 and a quick once-over of the current multiplayer control scheme. Forum speculation meltdown, imminent.

Halo 3 Beta FAQ: Phases one and two of the Halo 3 beta registration are now closed. However, many questions remain about the beta itself as well as further chances to get in. Here, we do our best to answer those questions.
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More Bungie Weekly Updates:

11/2/07: Recovering from the infection, downloadable content and no Frankie! It's the perfect storm!

10/26/07: A couple of interesting developments in the Halo 3 world, including DLC, Banhammer and yes, Recon helmets.

10/19/07: A tale of two letters. A tale of two lists.

10/12/07: A few tidbits regarding famous Ballers and armor permutations as we head into the weekend.

10/5/07: Get the popcorn out. Biggest News Ever. In the return of the Weekly What's Update.

9/28/07: We're playing you guys online as you read this. But we do address a couple of items.

9/14/07: The penultimate Update before the game launches in less than 11 days. ZOMG!

9/7/07: It's the biggest Weekly Update EVER. Well, technically.

8/31/07: One of the last three Weekly Updates before we stop updating you and start letting you play.

8/24/07: It's short, it's not really sweet and it's dripping with apologies. But here's this week's Weekly Update.

8/17/07: A smorgasbord in this week's Bungie Weekly Update, but is it feast or famine? Depends on your perspective.

8/10/07: A million questions asked, a million and a half questions answered. Three hundred new questions are birthed.

8/3/07: Some updates on co-op, Amsterdam, and the Bungie AV Calibration tool. Enjoy - it's on the house.

7/27/07: It's the end of July and you know what that means? Yeah, it's not September yet. Sorry. Not even August.

7/20/07: Calming down the Interwebs freak-out, changes to a nouveau classique weapon from the Halo sandbox and good news for Halo fans.
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