Halo writing set - Newest Update

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Ok, so you remember the Spare Halsey Journal I gutted and converted into a personal Journal?
Well, It's edges were beginning to get damaged from being carried around everywhere with me.
So After H4 came out I lurked around Game looking for a pre-owned Halo 4 Limited edition. I got one. I stripped out the UNSC Infinity and converted it into a notepad. The journal and notepad fit in the H4 File box, so it keeps it all nice and neat.
2014-08-06 15.15.36.jpg2014-08-06 15.16.25.jpg2014-08-06 15.17.23.jpg2014-08-06 15.14.56.jpg

I even gave the game disks to a friend who didn't have it. Win all round.:)

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