UPDATES: Life Anxiety and Cons


Jr Member
Hey everyone

so i though i would update where i am with life my anxiety and convention plans due to my issues i didn't go to London luckily something good came from all this I got invited to Birmingham Comic Con by a friend who had my london ticket my first full test run for my marine armour will be Play Expo (Hopefully!!) in october then i have about a month to iron out the bugs then I'm back to head to Birmingham MCM with the improvements see you all there

My mental health has improved well to a point where i can cope better i still can't be in big crowds for long times but I'm working on it trying thats the thing you can't hide away in the Anxiety for ever you just gotta get back up and continue its hard hell yes its bloody hard its draining but it is rewarding to try by the time October comes i will be able to do Play Expo i have faith