Buying blank helmets

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I mean pepakura or cardboard helmet that is made, with no paint, no resin, no additional support. Just a cardstock or cardboard helmet. With the paper or cardboard visors still in there of course.
Pm me a price and some pictures of any you have and I will get back to you.

Big daddy helmets also accepted.


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is it fine if it is kind of junk and laden with tape? mine is a piece of $h&@, but it is still standing.

i wouldnt mind GIVING it away.......but it would be my test on glass otherwise.

it is like.....really big. i think i have a pic of it, but it is made with GLUE STICKS.

here. i just got done the photos.

EDIT: It does have some hot glue on some flaps, i was trying it out, but mostly held together with tape and glue sticks.
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