Major booth updates are as follows
We are confirmed for the 20x20 space. This is great for us as we are more likely to be renewed for the future at similar space sizes. We will need to brainstorm some ideas to bring a level of interaction with the show to ensure we can get more space/opportunity in the future. In talks with Calgary they again impressed on us the 501 like connection. Be it red carpet line ups, specific photo ops, etc. if we want to expand and get stuff like change room space.

Current thoughts are:
Nerf Blaster Range- This has been a big hit at other shows and we may benefit from creating one. We can make targets from Halo and use the Nerf branded blasters plus supervision to keep an eye on things. This will require 2 volunteers to run however. Please keep in mind this would be for 2025.

Live armor build for something quick. H3 Marine Helmet maybe? Calgary is adding a workshop room for folks to run panels or demos in. This would also be something to consider for Edmonton Expo or Calgary in 2025.

Halo Jeopardy Panel with a 405/Halo themed prize.

Halo Character team up times for photos. Chief Cortana, Noble Team, ODST's. Etc.

We can potentially test out some of these ideas at Edmonton Expo pending out space allotment.

Other Booth News: We had to drop one of the pipe drape walls. I tried to get it reduced or shortened to 10ft long 8ft high to accommodate a change room, but as it stands we will have to rejig things. We may be an end cap or sharing a back wall with the ghostbusters. In any case I know we can make it work. We may only have a storage spot so please don't plan to change on site like we did for Game Con. We can assess and shore up on site.

As James mentioned the is a Discord thread as well for updates. Please use this if you'll be late, or have to change any volunteer slots due to hunting autographs and such. Life happens, just please make sure folks are in the know. I also know at least one person is competing on Saturday so if any one wants to attend or is also competing please just make sure someone is there to cover. We're a cosplay centric booth and need to try to keep at least 2 folks in kit at the photo area.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out and ask them here or in the discord. I'm booking the Uhaul for the walls tomorrow. We will be expected to book our times to load in again. Please get in touch with me if you have to use the loading dock for any booth related drop offs. I will be looking to load in on Thursday between 9 and 10:00 am as I have to work Wednesday. If you need any times I can book and forward you the passes.

Thanks so much!
Hey, I Mostly just lurk here but I'll be there suited up on Saturday if you're still looking for help at the boot.

I think a cool way to drum up some interaction could be an easter egg hunt. Hide some cool easter eggs form the games around the booth like a skull, an elite hugging Johnson, Brute DJ food nipple grunt ect. And have a check list for people to turn in. I have a ton of raw cortana chips (my test print items) yall could give out.
All set for expo. See you all there!


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Thanks everyone for such a wonderful expo and for putting up with my needy elite. Thanks to command for doing such a great job organizing the booth and those that helped setup and tear down. It was an awesome weekend.

Hope to see you all at Gamecon!
Thanks everyone for such a great weekend. The talent and dedication in this group is amazing and made things go smoothly.

Battalion command will be looking at some refinements for Gamecon, keep an eye out on the pads for the initial headcount signup to go up after that. Likely in the next 2 weeks.
Hope to see you all there!

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