Call to march, Fan Site Battle with 343

Well, maybe the 405th should join up. 343 is holding a tournament for the best Halo fan site in celebration of 10 years and it would be a pity if the 405TH just sat such an event out... right?

After all, its the 405th why shouldn't it show its might for once. And it is always at every big event lol.
I'm in total agreement. How could the 405th not answer a call to arms? Anyone know who the best players on the 405th are?


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If people are serious about this, it's gotta move quick. An email with the site name and intent to play has to go to hitmonchan by this Friday (May 20), a full roster emailed by next Wednesday (May 25), and then Game Time on Saturday (May 28).

The short-and-sweet version:
- Designate one or two leaders from each community.
- Leaders: Email me by Friday saying your community would like to play.
- Leaders: Email the final rosters by May 25 with a full list of players. Rosters should include teams, members and each member’s username and Gamertag.
- Everyone else: Game time starts at 7 p.m. EST. If you’re playing in the tournament, be prepared to play for four hours. If that’s a time commitment you are unable to make, let another person take your spot. And again, more information on the custom games will be available as we get closer to the event.


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That's Memorial Day weekend isn't it? That might prevent some people from participating. I know I will be busy that day, but I would have loved to participate and represent the 405th on Reach. Good luck!
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