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Okay so my helm is semi-warped, have not resined, or even finished putting all the pep together, it looks like this (look at the visor, twards the right)

I was thinking, since i can bend it into shape no problem, if i put something stiff in there then resined and possibly glassed would this work? but i would need to do that before putting it together with the rest of the helm, can I resin and maybe glass a small part before I put it on the rest of the helm? ( i wouldnt resin/glass anywhere near the edges/seams)
Sometimes if you use something to bend it into shape and leave it for a while, it will stay the way you want it. You can also bend it to shape, then resin it and it should stay fine.
Man you should really score the fold lines with an ink pen like in the stickies. It really helps keep the distortion down. You may be abel to finish the helm and bend it into the right shape then glass it. Good luck
DId you cut the top off the helmet? Otherwise, if your working on the helmet now and havent finished pep'ing it, then you'll be fine, it will warp itself in some places until you get the final shape.
My first helmet warped a bit (started fiberglassing, then Halo 3 came out, so I decided to wait), so I put some heavy objects inside and on top of it to keep the right shape whenever I wasn't working on it. It straightened up pretty good.

Then when I resined it I used cardstock tubes, chopsticks, and tape/glue to make it perfectly straight. It stayed after the first coat of resin. To be safe you might want to try two coats before removing the supports.

I also use the x-acto knife (a.k.a. "hobby knife") scoring method because using a pen was way to imprecise.
well my helmet warped after i resined it and a little fiberglassing went in to it (i glassed a section with a batch of resin then waited it to cure so the helmet warped) so to fix some warping issues i used a pencil to push into shape (as in i put one end of the pencil on a glassed part to a part thats soon to be glassed) and in the end it worked the way i wanted to
use some wire.

not those small flimsy ones, but i mean those thick fence wires.

bend that into shape and glue it inside your helm.

Resin that area, tear off the fence and wala ! :D
if you check the piece in between the middle part and the outside, the one where it slants down, the piece will off center, that happened to me too, cut out the piece, then print out a new one, and make sure the numbers are perfectly aligned, then it should be fine.
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