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You can figure this out for yourself if you did some research. :lindsey:

We're here to help, not to do the work for you.

Theres plenty of moldmaking tutorial information in the TUTORIAL LINKS sticky. Read them. Go to those sites, look up your suppliers, and call their salespeople to ask what you should order.

Some sites that will help:

Best of luck. ;-)
I'd first read up on general mold-making. If I gave you a list of materials you'd need to make a mold, it's likely you wouldn't know what any of them would be for.

Once you get the general concept of what it means to make a mold and how, you'll understand what you need to start creating one.
go out and loook on this forum :Steve:
im pretty sure there is that tutorial link sticky
some of those videos or tutorials should give you a general idea
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