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So I created a Halo 3, Mjolnir Mark VI (i assume) armor completely out of cardboard. Why, some asked me, would I waste time and money on this project? Simple. I wish to stroll into GameStop dressed as a Spartan to pick up my edition of Halo 3. Also it will rule for Halo-ween. Here's some pictures, I couldn't figure out how to attach them, so this is a link to my Yahoo photo album. Enjoy! <--Bad Link <--new and improved link ;)
Hey, 419! When Sean should us that H3 Beta t-shirt contest you were the one that got my attention and I wanted to join the site. Nice job man. :Steve:
Ah, yes. I'm very glad you joined. I really liked your costume when I saw it in the kotaku contest. Congrats on being a finalist! You've even got the H3 hands ;-)

Welcome aboard, let us know if we can help you out. And we'll do the same :dee:

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Yes, indeed, Welcome 419... or Dead Rose whichever you prefer!

Your Beta shirt is on it's way... along with some extra goodies.

Thanks for joining up, I'm sure that your experience will really help people here!


The structure is all cardboard. I wrapped the entire thing in duct tape to make it water proof, though I still have doubts. I think I'm going to re-paint it with either oil or latex paints.. or whatever else is waterproof. And cheap.

Thanks to everyone for the welcome, and to Sean for the invite. I'm glad everyone liked the poses... there was some girl sun-bathing on a table next to us, so my photographer and I felt a bit silly. Thank goodness she didn't see my face, though I did feel a bit awesome!
Re: Lol

Spartan-419 said:
I share his pain... I have no clue how to post pictures und such in forums...

Okay, go to your flickr account. Click on the photo you want to host. the right click on the full image and "copy image location" or properties>> then copy the location.

Then come here. paste the link to your image. then highlight it and press the "IMG" button above the box where you type.

it should look something like the green text.
<div class='codetop'></div><div class='codemain'>

and voila!

Another, easier, option is to start a free account at :lindsey:

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That was the start of my Mjolnir costume... that's my dorm room. In a state of chaos, I might add. I had origionally planned to make a black costume, and had a M6-D Sidearm.


There are major differences. For instance, color. I couldn't see very well out of the cardboard visor, so I later changed it to a section of a CD Carousel lid, painted with orange and gold sharpies. The older model does have some appeal, though I much rather prefer the new version.
New idea! After playing Halo 2 a million times over, i noticed fairly quickly that his armor's code is somewhat smooth... like duct tape. I plan to take every screenshot I can get, and paint my armor with the different shades, pits, and lights. Who knows? Maybe I'll look like a video game... I'll post pictures when I start
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