cheap but strong ,good looking,easy to see out of visor sep bye step


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you will need tree things window tint vacuum molding acetate you can bye this in roles i got mine fore free
red marking tape
1st get the the shape you want and get the general shape its is not hard whit flat visor but its not to bad whit more complex ones just 20 % bigger then the then the shape i used marker to show what i mean but the red tape is better

2nd place it in the helmet and using tape and a heat gun get a good fit its important you do this on the side you dont have marked off but if you have a complex visor you need to just heat gun it right on to the blank visor

3rd you need to get the tint and put in on its best to think about this before you do it or you will mess up it visor you only get one chance at this step ! , whit more complex visors you have to heath gun the tint on whit the lair you have to take off still on then remove it then stick it ok its important to put it on right to left or left to right dont start at the top or middle or you will get lots of small air pockets but if done right you looks great after this cut off where you have marked and remove the red marking tape
glow it in and enjoy sorry if it comes out bad the 1st time it tuck me 2 times before i got how to do it



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the tint come in brass.copper.bronze. the black is not good fore helmets !!! but if you put the silver inside out you get a shiny black


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it comes in gold?? thats EXACTLY what I need! but thats kinda expensive :(
and why do i need red marking tape?


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the tape is good for marking out its very clear (like the red part of 3d glasses and it just makes it faster you can also use it fore so many thing