cheap vacuum forming instructions

this is the cheapest way to get vacuum forming. ive made 2 of them. one small one, and then one a little bigger. you can make it out of stuff you find around your house and it works great! dont do the part about wrapping the whole thing in saran wrap. its unneccesary. just put electrical or duct tape over all of the seams. oh, and use a low temp glue gun. you can make it as big as you want, jus thave to have a powerful enough vacuum cleaner rofl.


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This is the cheap one I am building. This tut was put together by DrCrash, one of the vacforming experts from

My silicon sealant is drying now, gonna vacform some craft foam this weekend for kiddie friendly halo armor.

you dont really need us to send you tips. jsut read teh guides, they have lots of tips in them. and if your going to vacuuform your armor youl need a bigger machine than my guides have. well, i bet itd do everything but the chest piece