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Hello My name is NIGHT im new here i was just curious is yall could help me out, ya see im doing an odst cosplay but i cant build the weapons so i was wondering if u guys knew where id be able to purchase some halo weapon props cheap in australia thank u all.
Welcome to the 405th!

The Nerf Halo AR is actually pretty cheap, coming in at $29 at Target:

Apart from that, you may be able to find some cheap toy weapons that look like Halo firearms, and paint them to match (just make sure to put an orange tip on the barrel ;) )
Keep an eye on Facebook marketplace. Not uncommon to see them. Sometimes as low as $10. Sometimes asking $50 but if you find one that's been there a couple weeks and not sold you shouldn't feel bashful about offering $20 as a point to negotiate and see where the seller goes with that.
Asking 50
How about 20
... 40?
... 25?
... 35?

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