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The Ragin Pagan

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I've just recorded a video displaying two changes I made in my armor. The video does have audio, as one of the changes includes audio. I don't have a means to upload the video now, but I will most likely be able to do so tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. I'll post again when it's up!
Sadly, yes... I am still a poor Art student, so my budget rides on Wal-Mart. I might try covering it in small sheets of aluminum from Coke cans, but the material hasn't changed. To give some teaser:
1st Change: Can be seen in the "Starry Night" trailer
2nd Change: Makes people around me think about Halo, even if they don't see me.
2.Speaker system for your bluetooth?
3. Umm..., New paintjob?

Hope i got one right :roll:
Spartan-419 said:
God, I wish... sneak up at Wal Mart "Oh, what's this, Halo 3 Legendary? SWIPE! /run for exit!"




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hehehe, thats really cool man. I like the magnet idea. Did you use the Neo magnets ?
Amazing work with the magnets and speakers! You should definitely load up some Cortana quotes into that thing.

Would you mind telling where you got your magnets?
That's awesome! :wowie: Inspires me to start earning money for my ODST styled fatigues! :dee: I gotta get ready for the 25th and Halo-ween!
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