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Dirtdives is always asking for convention photos, but nobody seems to post them here on 405th. So why not have a thread where we can toss up any convention photos we have taken or have had taken of us? I'll start of with some various photos taken over the 3 years I've been suiting up at various cons and events =)

RTX 2014 (Photos by Adam Grumbo)
10497896_877296898950808_454211899776481008_o.jpg 10365556_877296858950812_7118936086527656518_o.jpg

PAX East 2015 (Photos by ???, Jeffrey Hoyle, and Seth Wright)
10981536_916303038401398_8808828600282142316_n.jpg Halo Booth.jpg 10988427_916303658401336_4872357070192928820_n.jpg

ScifiValleycon 2015 (Photos by Krissy Martin and SFVC)
11417788_1598279347089064_8208301162573480273_o.jpg 11112918_833638646712792_9186090043745885792_n.jpg 11402837_1597320293851636_6013711390246128926_o.jpg

Blurriecon 2015 (Photos by Mark Dietz)
11999794_555852694570000_1723199411872843528_o.jpg 11229772_10153614819604717_334371134084424937_o.jpg 12017714_1019152364813579_8374351687371349660_o.jpg

Ohayocon 2016 (Photos by Misc)
12492012_995305173864256_3670591538506436056_o.jpg 12621961_1242432815770546_2958408002317982559_o.jpg

PAX East 2016 (Photos by Seth Wright and PhotosNXS)
13217226_10209630895829156_9092850541393500153_o.jpg 13063287_1318912308122596_9072125347107329900_o.jpg 13161882_10209630894189115_9048568623420637583_o (1).jpg

ELCC and Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Photos by Chas Klawuhn, Karis Turk, and ???)
13245427_995896940458901_4914665442974093229_n (1).jpg 13177955_1331170546896772_8367263349639074165_n (1).jpg 13243881_884308906221_6927067968525900256_o.jpg


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Love it, love it, love it. My fav is you caring the turret w/ 1 hand oh so casually in the parking a Spartan would!!!