Twin Tiers Comic Con 2023

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405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
November is for many things. Turkey, Football, cuddling under a warm blanket….Oh AND our favorite convention in Elmira NY. Twin Tiers comic con!!!

When: November 11th and 12th
Where: Arnot Mall 3300 Chambers Rd South, Suite 5127, Horseheads, NY 14845
Tickets: Covered (aka Free)
Setup: November 10th and November 11th about 7am
Website: Twin Tiers Comic Con Official Website

Sounds like this year Twin Tiers wants us FRONT AND CENTER with a 10x20 area.

We will get a group message together and plan on the group dinner setup night and the night after con. In addition, there is a after con party at the Checkpoint Gaming. Nothing fancy, just some stuff for those 21 and over, free gaming, and some more food.

Anymore information will be posted to the group chat and here. Hope we can pull it off this year!
It's all going to come down to if my dad can watch the dogs or if we can board them for the weekend honestly. It's too much to travel with them for a convention, don't want them caged in a hotel all day.
Hello colonial nerdlings,

Due to the inability yo have confident agreements to show for this event. The officers agree we are going to cancel our appearance at Twin Tiers this year. Sad to see but we hope to return next year. Have a good and productive day everyone!
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