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Sarge Christi

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Alright, so we all know there are conventions we can attend.

This topic is for mentioning dates of conventions and locations.
Don't be silly and post like a Comicon in Russia that none of us can attend.

We should keep updated up to the end of this year to start of next.
Tell if you will be attending or might be.
This way we can possibly meet up and represent at conventions together.

Anyone know of upcoming conventions?
I got one... its an Anime Con but... I was going any how.. there is usually alot of people that wear Video games to these... Neckocon...
I got a squad of marines going ... 3-5 of them... Halo 1 look... just passing out that info... PM me if you want to meet up and all that...
Mechacon is in Lafayette Louisiana every summer. unfortunately it just passed last july. theres always next year.
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