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Which one of the NOT full eye lenses on this site do you guys think look the coolest?

Maybe to wear with armor costumes that don't need a helmet.

to clarify
Full eye:
not full eye:

(too many for a poll)
not full eye, kind has a "naturall" feel. like your eyes are suppose to be like that, you know what I mean?

I do like the non full in that photo too.
Okay, I need to make this clearer I guess.

I am looking for a pair of non full-eye contact lenses to wear with my suit. Please look at the ones on this page and let me know which you think are the coolest out of the non full-eye ones.
Mirrored, because Riddick rules, and Manson. And what costume is this for? It would help.
My choices (in no certin order)

Chinese Spinner
Dragon (type dont matter)
Manson Right eye

By the way, why so god damn expensive?
Ares said:
what costume is this for? It would help.

nothing specific, just helmeted armor costumes when I decide to not wear a helmet. I say helmeted suits because then no one will get on me by saying the eyes are wrong for whatever character.

SPARTAN-053 said:
why so god damn expensive?

sadly, that's just how it goes. I have "fire" ones (not the ones on this site) for my maul and anakin ep 3 costumes.

I'm leaning towards the chinese spinners with riddick mirrors in second.
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I'd go with something simple and understated, unless you're doing a creature costume. I've seen some people wear contacts with costumes that really detracted from focusing peoples attention on the costume.

I like the fantasia lenses... but like I said it should really depend on what costume you're wearing.

Red, I've heard that the full sclera lenses are damn irritating to wear... like having sand in your eyes... so I think you're right on in avoiding those.
Redsleighdown said:
yeah, cept dead eye is a full eye contact and you can't see through it. :lindsey:

wat so you cant see nothing? when you put them on?
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