Cortana Cosplay

Update: tried on the bodysuit and I think it looks pretty good! The fingers are super long though so I’m going to fix that.

Also, the blue paint I have is too dark so I got the lighter Mehron one. I also picked up a mini blue eye shadow palette to use for shading/contouring. Makeup test will probably be Thursday or Friday then hoping to do a full test run at the NFM mini con on Saturday!
If you find that the blue facepaint is still too dark, get the white one as well and you can mix them.
I use the same one you have - Mehron Paradise AQ in Light Blue applied over a thin layer of white to add brightness.

One tip (from my own fails when applying eyeshadow for contours) - use barrier spray between layers of the facepaint BEFORE adding this detailing. If you don't have the spray, translucent powder works too. Also, use a blush brush or wider bristle brush for application of eyeshadow because it's very easy to get streaks, which makes it harder to blend. You definitely don't want to have the paint removed during this step...

Stay away from any liquid makeup or roll on gels. If it's not a powder, this stuff will strip the paint right off (because Mehron is water-based).

Have fun with glitters! :cool:
Mehron face paint is amazing! I use the greens and blacks for my Skyrim cosplay. Like BlazedStarbon mentioned, you can mix them! They do mix really well if you dab a bit of each color and mix them on a flat surface before applying (just be cautious of an overly wet brush).
Well I never got chance to do a test run but luckily I think it turned out pretty well! I used a brush to apply the paint. I may try a sponge next time to see if that is slightly smoother. Doing white as a base layer definitely helped though!


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I missed getting to see Cortana at Planet! It was my first con as a guest instead of a vendor which was WAY more fun! We only got to go on Sunday. Next year will be more, hopefully! You look awesome! Coloring is fabulous.

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