could I use tape on it.

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Being on a 56k, I can't say that I can lookat those pictures from anything other than the preview. However, from what I can see, it looks fine, but I prefer hot glue. :rolleyes


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Yeah, you can use tape on it, I'm pretty sure it wont interfere with the resin, well I'd suggest using electrical tape than that plastic roll tape.


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I have had good success with paper masking tape on the inside especially with those joints that have a little sliver of a tab. Also a strip of masking tape makes for a good temp hold of a seam on the outside while I'm fumbling around with the hot glue gun and paper tabs on the inside of the seam.



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i have regular tape on the outside. i used it just to put the peices together then i hotglued them together so i didnt mess up....i hope it wont interfere
MaShEdPOTaToEs said:
how come most of the numbers are drawn in?
It was because the numbers were sticking out and I had to cut them, but if I did it would be harder to put the mask together ( and putting this thing together was hard). So I wrote the numbers on the paper and then cut the numbers that were sticking out. :D
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