1st Build Undersuit for spartan cosplay, what to use?


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So I'm in the planning phase of making my own custom spartan from Halo Reach but I've haven't been able to figure out what to wear under it. I've heard a Lycra dive/swim suit is a good option but after a quick browse most seemed a bit pricey and I feel like they might be too stuffy after wearing it long enough. So I thought I'd ask you lovely people and wanted to know if anyone had any relatively cheap and/or less warm and stuffy options that they use or have tried! If it helps I will be making the costume out of foam.
I personally use compression shirt/pants, with the addition of my abwrap (coming soon). I have also seen people use Zentai suits like these.
Personally, I wear black compression cloths, and I have a foam/faux leather ab wrap piece.

Links to how some folks did their under suits:

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