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So when i started my CQB helmet i was S**t scared that i was gonna make it to small so i kept making it bigger and bigger to the point where i knew it would definatly not be to small. Now i've almost finished pepping my helmet (bout 90% done) and i realise that it is quite a bit to big. :p my measurements are around 230mm and ive madethis helmet to 300m so im gonna finish this helmet real weel and then flogg it on the Clasifides :D anyone knoww the average going price for an average CQB? I'll put up a thread when ive finished pepping and i havem ore pics to post. :D


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*facepalm* You should have measured your head then rescale the file. If you rescaled it, and you want to save it, buy the password for $38 :L I know, but I bought it and I don't regret it so far

P.S: $38 is around RM120 O.O


Hey nothing is perfect. Just try it again, but scale it smaller.
BTW did you say you scaled it to 230 millimeters which was actually 300 meters?
lol just asking :D
@Halo odst: *whistles* o_O wow i could do with that sort of money :)

@SPRTNBD50: lol yeah i rescaled and saved it, i brought the program and it was purely my nervous self as ive had many failed attempts and i was terrified that it was going to be to small :p

@Nate98: and 300mm :p
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