crackhead09's Pepakura Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by crackhead09, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. SnootyColt

    SnootyColt New Member

    How do you get pep files from this site o_O
  2. luckyguy916

    luckyguy916 New Member

    nice .. u help me out alot :not worthy:


    Much is desired here.

    We need better lighting, more preparation for a better video, and just continue to practice making tuts.

    You'll get better.
  4. Crazy AwesomeST1

    Crazy AwesomeST1 New Member

    What song is this; it's awesome!
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  5. Black Bandit XX

    Black Bandit XX New Member

    Thanks for the vid, I think it's great to actually see it done!
  6. KainKnine

    KainKnine New Member

    Nice So is it best to cut out all the first? also i am really new to this whats easier to make odst or Halo Armour? i cant decide witch one it did help but i keep getting confused with valley and mountin folds?
  7. GodlyCheeze

    GodlyCheeze New Member

    Thanks for the tutorial crackhead :D It definately helped watching someone actually doing it.

    The only crit I have is the lighting, and also it didn't focus well in some areas so it was hard to see what you were doing.

    Thanks again!
  8. Ghost147

    Ghost147 Well-Known Member

    great work, it's helping me already! :D although i would light up the place a bit better next time ;)
  9. kimi cat76

    kimi cat76 New Member

    whats the best place to start? the bottom, top, sides? OH! and i was wondering... has anyone ever thought of using paper mache for this?
  10. Spartanchic

    Spartanchic New Member

    I'm pretty new to all the halo armor making ..but i'm not new to making cosplay.... :) i love you method...i was wondering were i can find the blue prints for the armor in general..>.>..i've been searching for a while now but every file i save can be read on my computer..o_O its weird...anways...I have Pepaku downloaded...a little help please..T.T

    I have the masterchief helmet.. i was wondering if there is a Hayabusa and some friends are trying to go to a con all in our halo armor...i also need a link for the rest of the armor...T.T i just has the helmet so far
  11. ryancap97

    ryancap97 New Member

    Hey nice video and tutorial there were a few flaws though

    1.You should have sped up the fast forward process

    2.You should show all the methods of making halo helmets
  12. Joshalots

    Joshalots New Member

    Okay I made my paper model but it looks too big

    it looks like fat ass helmet

    its 17 inches in length

    all that work to get a crap sized helmet

    THE DARK EAGEL New Member

    what would you advise as the first weapon i should make.
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  14. pelletierm8

    pelletierm8 New Member

    can we use hot glue for gluing the part??? because i really hate the white glue.

    nice vid help me a lot :)
  15. jake11124

    jake11124 Jr Member

    Thanks for taking the time to make this. It helps a lot more than text tutorials, even the picture heavy ones. Thanks again.
  16. noblevi

    noblevi New Member

    i just want blueprints
  17. Roadkiller

    Roadkiller Well-Known Member

    Running through the boards just shouting that you want "blueprints" will not go over well with the administrators once they catch on.

    There are NO blueprints. There are Pepakura files that will need specific software and manipulaion (scaling) in order for you to use them to make a costume.

    Again, as I told you after some of your posts in the NOOB section - read EVERYTHING in this thread:
  18. rob234ski

    rob234ski New Member

    Yes I got help from this.Thanks buddy!!!
  19. KansasScout

    KansasScout New Member

    I don't know why one would think 30 mm is light for armor if it's body armor, now if its ship or vehicle armor that's another story. In fact if you look at modern plate carrier vests both ballistic and non-ballistic they are less than 30 mm. That's even with a trauma plate inserted. For a space ship that's too thin. It wouldn't stop a fast moving micrometeorite let alone a coil gun or rail gun round.
  20. KansasScout

    KansasScout New Member

    Ok there seems to be some spam in this thread. Where do I find the armor making instructions now?

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