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crackhead09's Pepakura Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by crackhead09, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. crackhead09

    crackhead09 RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    well did you download pepakura? because that would explain why its not working for you
  2. Flawed

    Flawed New Member

    Thanks for the video. I'm new to all of this and it's a big help to see a video demonstration. I can't wait to get started now.
  3. crackhead09

    crackhead09 RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Im glad this is making your build easier to do!
  4. L98

    L98 New Member

    Nice Tutorial this helped a lot but were do you get the printed paper kinda thing?
  5. crackhead09

    crackhead09 RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    the paper is 110Ib cardstock can be found at any office store

    the stencils come from pepakura
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  6. Joemeister76

    Joemeister76 New Member

    Great Tutorial, will help me alot when i start to make my suit.
  7. PillowFire

    PillowFire Member

    Nice tutorial. I learned to take the project in steps, because right now my helm looks deformed.

    On the topic of the metric system and why the U.S. is stuck on the current system. Well, who exactly is going to pay the money to shift all of the machines, the gas pumps, the packages, EVERYTHING, into metric? It will cost billions to do so and is not worth the time or effort. I know both the systems though, Metric is really a whole lot better, especually since it's used pretty much everywhere around the world.

    As well, U.S. schools are not up to standard I agree, but only the public schools, which are government run. The universities and colleges are all some of the best in the world and people come from all around to study in them. They are run on a for-profit basis in a free-market.
  8. JangoFett140


    what pepakura file did you use for the helmet? mines outdated and doesn't look as good. If you wouldn't mind giving it to me please I would very much appreciate it. also would card stock crease when it goes through a printer? JF140
  9. Metalicspark

    Metalicspark New Member

    hey where do you get the print outs to make the pepakura armor models? iv looked allmost everywhere and i cant find the program either...
  10. Iteration

    Iteration New Member

    The Pepa Files can be found here.


    As for the Program its self, try a Google Search for Pepakura.

    I had the same problem, make sure you read all the stickies, thats where all the info is.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  11. Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith New Member

    Nice tutorial! I found it very informative. My only problem with it was the funny music in the background (I kind of liked it) and more light was needed.
    Thanks for making it!
  12. Graverobber

    Graverobber Member

    thanks for the video. it really helped me get started with pepakura. when i was introduced to it i was like "WTF? how is this suppost to work?" and now it makes complete sense to me. btw whats the song?
  13. Ultrakiller

    Ultrakiller Jr Member

    noob question:is there any way to make the body pieces from plastic(r sumthin' strong?)?
  14. tlither

    tlither Well-Known Member

    Pep with resin/glass will be plenty strong for our needs. You could use abs if you can form it (vac form). Of course sheet styrene would work also.
  15. theking23

    theking23 New Member

    ok...super noob question..how the hell do you open the pep files on a computer?
  16. phnix5888

    phnix5888 New Member

    Go to the pepakura armor section and read the stickies you need to download pepakura designer and then you can open the files there is a link in one of the sticky tutorials
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  17. rvb4life

    rvb4life Well-Known Member

  18. Doo 2000

    Doo 2000 New Member

    could somebody send me a PDF file of some models of armor, weapons, helmets etc.
    I have a mac, not a crapy P.C. (I know, I know..."everybody uses a PC)

    Send it too my email (my email address- drewwagner911@gmail.com )
  19. Spartangamma248

    Spartangamma248 New Member

    Why doesn't my pepakura have lines?!?! :mad:

    Are there different ways (other than molding and cardboard) to make spartan/grunt/elite etc... armor? :unsure: o_O
  20. GothicSpartan117

    GothicSpartan117 New Member

    Hey try using this Forum/Thread : http://405th.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1648
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  21. zanetrance

    zanetrance New Member

    Jesus christ! 5 hours later! Breaks much? Thanks for this uber awesome tut, but im still stumped on one thing. How do you know what glues to what? Do you cut on EVERY solid line?
  22. tlither

    tlither Well-Known Member

    Yes you do cut the solid lines. #1 gets glued to #1 and so on. Read ALL the stickies then PM the Q&A Team when you have questions.

    BTW - Jesus Christ had nothing to do with it. It was entirely you not reading the stickies or trying to learn anything.
  23. HaloFanChuck

    HaloFanChuck New Member

    I think my wife and I may try to make a piece of armor like this. Well... that is our HOPE....

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  24. dan s87

    dan s87 New Member

    I thought it was a great video. very helpful and I'm glad I found out you can use regular Elmars glue.
  25. mc halo3

    mc halo3 Well-Known Member

    thanks it helped alot just one problem with the vid the lighting sucks

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