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Creating regiments in diffrent countries and languages?

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by harican89, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. harican89


    Hi there my fellow spartans.

    its nearly 4 years ago since i joined the community and after my first and second armor iam currently build up a new and improved 3d printed one.
    since this will be a project for more than 1 year, iam planing to join the other community members for further projects and events.

    My name is Timo and i study geography and history in germany (teacher). In 2012 and 2013 some of us joined for a promotion event in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin (Release of Halo 4).
    We were hired by microsoft and this was a great adventure for all of us. We used to work together and want this to do in the future too.

    so my request is to get this to the next step of the ledder. I want to create a Regiment for Central European (especially with native german speaking locations D-A-CH - Germany, Austria and Swiss)
    There is a UK and 2 US American Regiments.

    We want to join this Regiment and asking for a seperat thread folder in this forum with german posts to help us out and improve the teamwork (currently we try to do this over a fb group and one single mixed german forum post with nearly 80k views and 1,3k posts and diffrent topics.

    Also i am currently working on a Wiki which could be translate in english very easily

    Wiki in german - de.405th.wikia.com
    Wiki in english - 405th.wikia.com

    Hope you support us!
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  2. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Hi Timo!

    We would love to have a German Regiment onboard! We will need to talk about posting in German as it raises a couple of complications, but nothing that we can't work around. Please keep in mind that we don't have the official Regiments fully formed yet, but should soon and as soon as we do, we would love to have our German brothers and sisters with us!
  3. harican89


    are these complications the language barrier for non-native german speakers?
    Yeah, this could be a problem, but it looks like that new german members always find there way in our german thread and i lost the overview on which page i descriped the whole process, steps, materials and so on. that was the origin for the idea of any seperate wiki (btw... i would love to join the wiki inside this page... currently its hosted on wikia, but i could export all articles and images and move it here... but there is no usable wiki ^^ especially with several possible languages)

    i offer you the following conditions:
    1 folder for the Central European - Germany Regiment
    1 English section for all posts about our projects and the WIP threads in ENGLISH
    1 German section for all "how-tos" in german like the stickies (but up-to-date with ressources and so on) especially the ressources are important... germany have a hugh lack in the material brands which are used by americans (like bondo, krylon and so on)
    1 Section for public events (like gamescom) or meetings at home (german language)
    1 Section for Trading offers (if its not permited to post these stuff inside the off-topic threads)
    1 Off-Topic for every german stuff and discussions
    Art Andrews other suggestion?
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
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  4. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    What we would need more than anything is a dedicated moderator who is fluent in both German and English to deal with any issues that arise from a forum in which German is the primary language.

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  5. nintendstroid

    nintendstroid RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Stupid me I didnt search enough and just made a noob thread about this.
    I'm Dutch so my German is good enough, if there would be an only german regiment it would be not a huge problem but I'd rather see a Central european regiment in full English. so no-one is left out
    Most european countries speak/read/write well enough English.
    Gamescon is visited by us dutchies as well. travel time to con's like these are the same as travel times and distances to con's in the america. as for meetings, my german writing may be a bit lacking but i make it up in speaking it. I also dont live that far from the german border.
    How to's can apply to belgium/Netherlands, France, and more non German coutries, we all have hornbach's or can order from conrad(german online store)
    Shipping in europe for trading offers are almost the same price if you only ship in germany.
  6. Tetro


    I think a whole european, instead of only german, or germanophone, would be great. in that way we could get a decent regiment which can speak english (I think most countries here learn english as second language)
    As a french, I speak near fluently english. (and only a few german sentences...my bad) and if there'd happend to be a regiment for europe, I'd be glad to join it!
  7. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Most of this will evolve organically as we see support and demand for it.
  8. cyberponcho


    I just discovered this thread, what about this now? is it happening? I'm fluent in German, English and Spanish, if i can be of any help please let me know, I've been away from the forum for a while, work, relationship and kids keep me pretty busy, but if you're still planning a German/European regiment, count me in!!
  9. Jen A266

    Jen A266 Member

    I'm really fond of the idea of having a Regiment based on different regions and countries. Since you said you'd like to have a European regiment, that has given me an idea of some way or somehow also creating a Southeast Asia(SEA) regiment for people within the vicinity around Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand so on and so forth. If i were to actually do it, it will be an extremely daunting task. Cant wait to see how your regiment will turn out ;D
  10. nintendstroid

    nintendstroid RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    ok a full european regiment is getting traction.
    im asking all the european people to join the facebook group so we can gather 405th.com usernames
    They will be setting up a european regiment part of the forum shortly
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  11. IronWolf

    IronWolf New Member

    Upon realizing that this was 3 years ago however, I am wondering if there is a SEA regiment. I am currently residing in the Philippines looking for SEA members to join up with.
  12. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Hello, IronWolf. Division Command is very interested in developing a SEA Regiment. The issue is that we need volunteers, who have the proper Regiment Membership requirements of 50 posts and accounts older than 90 days, to step up and be willing to work with Division Command to form and then lead a new Regiment. We have had a few people in the past express interest, but then they go in active, or do not follow through.

    If you are interested, you can message Angela, FANGS , the Division Commanding Officer, and myself, and we will be happy to discuss the formation of a SEA Regiment with you!
  13. IronWolf

    IronWolf New Member

    Thanks a lot for the heads up. Sad to hear that they haven't pushed through with it as it would have been great to have a regiment already established. If I had the time and dedication I'd probably opt to lead but sadly i don't have much time like i used to. I dont even have enough posts to qualify haha. Well anyway i appreciate the response thanks for the information. If i have further inquiries ill be sure to let you guys know.. Thanks again and happy building !
  14. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    One of the best things you can do is if you have any fellow builders in your area is to encourage them to join up here on the Forum and start sharing their builds.

    I have seen some great costumes come out of the SEA area on various social media and I know that I personally would love to offer a home here on the 405th for those builders.
  15. IronWolf

    IronWolf New Member

    Gladly, if i know some people in SEA ill happily recommend them to join up on 405th as well. Thanks a lot sir.

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