Custom Armor?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by SpartanWIng, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. SpartanWIng

    SpartanWIng New Member

    Guys if you dont mind
    does anyone of you create your "own design" spartan armor
    Here's mine but still a working progress

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  2. Yeexsters


    Holy shit, that's really impressive. Wish I had those skills!
    How long did it take you to make it? :)
  3. SpartanWIng

    SpartanWIng New Member

    Almost a year now bro,, i lost count i think 10 months? hehehe
  4. mblackwell1002


    DUDE, that's cool!
    kinda reminds me of a h3 'busa armor
    you've got skills! keep it up!
  5. vivalablake89


    Amazing detail! That is an awesome custom suit, can't wait to see what kind of paint job you give that.
  6. SpartanWIng

    SpartanWIng New Member

    thanks guys :)
  7. StayFrosty


    Definitely hayabusa-esque. Great job on the armor!
  8. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    If Hayabusa and gundam had a child this would be it. Great armor and looking forward to the painting.
  9. SpartanWIng

    SpartanWIng New Member

    thanks ^^
  10. TOWLBiscuits


    Wow it's so complex and fits the 343i art style perfectly. Kinda looks like the new power rangers suits.
  11. PerniciousDuke


    Nice work! You should give it a name. I have not seen anyone else make an original armor set before (I could be wrong).
  12. SpartanWIng

    SpartanWIng New Member

    i havent paint it yet ^^

    i will make two version of this
    one i will name a plain Spartan wing and the version 2 is HS Full Armored Spartan wing and that i post is version is the version 2 ^^

  13. Dirtdives


    WOW....its Voltron on steroids.....That is some vicious looking foam work.
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  14. Artifice

    Artifice 405th Regiment Officer

    DAMN that's and Epic Hayabusa variant ! I'd love to see the end result
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  15. SpartanWIng

    SpartanWIng New Member

    i will finish this as soon as possible ^^
  16. HeadLocks


    My lord.. That's beautiful!

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