Props Custom Assault Rifle Challenge - NO PEP (Pic Heavy)


Hello once again, 405th! I know I said my next project would be a Magnum, but this just kind of took off while I was cleaning my room.

So I found this: (Note due to the massive amount of pictures, I have decided to post them as links, I will put the main progress pics in the thread though.) Rifle/20151128_161048_zpsel3fflf7.jpg

I immediately thought "Can this become a Halo prop?" I've seen some Assault Rifles made from somewhat similar nerf rifles, and I was determined to create something out of it. So shortly after starting research, I found this image. I'm sure most of you have seen it as well:
So, there are variations with a trigger guard. Good. There are variations with a rounded...front...barrel....thing? Good. So I got started thinking. I didn't want to use any pep to make this, so I started hunting down other random junk I had. And happened to turn up with this:
And bippity boppity AMMO COUNTER!

This may just be possible.
And I already had a barrel. And yes, I just realised part of it is pep. Whoops.

So I got drawing. Came up with this for the stock.
The smallest AR I've seen is 800mm. And this still didn't have the stock butt. Looking good so far.

Stock Butt! Rifle/20151128_182437_zpsmyyk2gir.jpg.html
I had a plan to do a retractable stock, but scrated it because I wanted to use the parts for the barrel.

The details will be added in later with craft foam. I'm still looking into ways to encase the foam in some sort of plastic shell or something. Rifle/20151128_182734_zpsqoxhyeoo.jpg.html

Size looks good. Rifle/20151128_183618_zps5ghdkuqz.jpg.html

Couldn't resist taking some pics with the armor. Rifle/20151128_183956_zpsa3fdbkw6.jpg.html Rifle/20151128_183929_zpsmyp9je3o.jpg.html Rifle/20151128_184013_zps1umn8g3m.jpg.html

Then I worked on some cardboard templates for the shroud. Right now I'm kind of going for a Reach-era styled frame with a classic 3/4/5 shroud.

I found this also while cleaning my room, which I think works perfectly for the Reach-style grip.

I also found some more parts that work perfectly for other pieces of the gun, but I have not taken pictures yet. So this is the final progress picture:

Thanks for checking it out, and hopefully I'll have some more progress soon!

- Cheers





Here's some more pics of my initial planning phase. I probably won't have time to do a whole lot of any costuming work in the next few weeks, getting really busy. But anyway, Pictures!
This is just a ULINE packing tube. Surprisingly stiff.
For scale.

The shroud needs some tweaking, but the basic idea of it with the ammo counter

And here's the final progress pic so far. The cheek rest/ ejection port is the receiver of an airsoft shotgun, it happend to fit perfectly. My plan is to fill in the RIS rail with some kind of putty or something to smooth it out.