Props Custom UNSC Nerf hand cannon.... a Magnus - for a Spartan. + Nerf Painting Tips.


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Ladies and Gentlemen - my 1st finished UNSC weapon;

base; Nerf Mega Magnus - currently £7.49 from argos online & free click and collect.
The Build;

No real mods internally; apart from removing the air restrictor, but if i was advising anyone else thinking of doing this, I wouldnt bother - alot of work to just make it louder, and not much more range.

Only important points are below. these also apply to all other nerf painting projects;

1)strip the gun, keep everything seperate, different screw sizes throughout. pay close attention to the areas that u want to paint including when you cock the gun - 2ce I had to re-strip and spray again cos i found bright orange poking through/uncovered (see pics below).

i had to pay extra attention to these bits - take note of the 2 orange arts still attached inside the body - they required the reverse sides painting so orange wasnt seen through the slide.

2) sand down everywhere - i mean everywhere - at least lightly; The finish nerf use doesnt lend to spray paint adhering, a bit-o-ruff touch cures it. i removed some of the logos etc including the name - but thats personal prefrence.

3) Paint and be happy; use spray paints - brush painting goes on to thick for the sliding areas and doesnt finish as well if you use matt/satin lacquer (lacquer - NOT varnish!) . the Nerf red and orange show through something terrible so you may need 1 or 2 primer coats + 2 thin coats of the final colours.
4) Spray multiple light lacquer coats on sliding areas + areas that get most use. iv done 4 altogether though that was due to respraying, 3 thin layers should be plenty. iv used Halfords matt/satin lacquer - £8 for a can that would probably do 2 guns.

5) UK Modders - remember the orange barrel rule!

UK residents i advise to leave a section of the barrel orange, your safe to carry it and leave it in public view. its not a huge eyesore if u leave the same as what i have but will save you from encountering an armed response unit. if in doubt check the forum for more details.

Future plans - i think theres space inside to mount a couple of hard drive magnets, so i think once my leag armours done ill see about magnetic attachment.

hope you enjoy.

P.S - ill upload better/more pics in the morning - my connection here at work is terrible atm.