Decanting Spraypaint

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Really quick post but I wanted to just throw this up on the forums for anyone who's not quite sure how to do this.
  • Respirator
  • gloves
  • can of spraypaint you want to decant
  • plastic bendy straw
  • bottle/jar where you want the paint to go
  • tape (optional)
  • some form of tarp/cardboard to prevent paint splatters

Step by Step
1. Tape the bendy straw to the can of spraypaint. After doing this I'd recommend the shorter piece before the bendy part to be the closest to the can.
Apply a fair bit of tape and make sure it is snug against the nozzle

Step 2:
Put your gloves on and position the straw into the bottle. you will want to hold the straw tight to the can with one hand and the other depressing the top of the can. The paint will come out fast so I'd recommend taking it slow and steady while you spray. Move the end of the straw so it's not submerged in paint (this will make it bubble and messy)

Step 3:
Let the decanted paint sit outside for a few hours so it can "gas out."
If you give the paint a gentle stir and it bubbles up a fair bit, let it sit more.
In the end you should have your preferred paint ready for airbrushing (or handpainting if you really want)

Don't forget to wear your PPE and be safe!


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Rock Lobbster

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The spraypaint comes out perfectly through an airbrush once properly decanted. I let this sit for a good 2 days (in 35 F weather) and it shoots through an airbrush like a charm. This is a pretty ok quality resin gunpla kit so don't mind the particles lol. I didn't thin or do anything, just make sure to clean your brush fully after spraying it


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