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I was at target yesterday and target has its own brand of underarmor called c9 made by champion;rh=&page=2

sorry for the giant link

its got a real nice texture to it as well as its available in cold weather mock turtle neck style, i havent seen that style in person but the duo dry tech style has a great texture to it, and when i saw it i immediately thought "MC under armor"

of course to be perfect alot of detail would need to be added, but i think it would be a good starting place. Head over to your local target and check it out.

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Epyon said:
Hm....rather interesting...But for that price, definitely worth checking it out...

Thanks for the find!

Looks good to me, atleast its not as expensive as real underarmor like at dicks where you pay like 50 bucks for just the longsleeved shirt. Nice find
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I used these for my suit too.

My pants were the ladies c9. They're comfy, look good, and are 'wicking' (which is good if you plan on sweating at all).

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I don't know if anyone will find this useful, but I was looking for an undersuit that was fairly tight, yet not

quite so tight that I'd be looking like a male ballet dancer, hence lycra/spandex etc were not really what I

was after... I came to the idea that sports compression clothing might be an option, but the cheapest I could find

it in store here in Australia was about $45 for long-sleeve tee and the same for pants... However a quick

Ebay search for "compression" (then narrowing the search to men's clothing) brought up results that started

around AUD $20 ("buy now"- tho cheaper bids wereavailable) including free postage... Not sure what that would

work out to in USD, but thought I'd mention it for anyone searching for a similar undersuit.