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Denver Comic Con community table

Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by SwedishNinja, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. SwedishNinja


    Hey all,

    DCC has posted signups for Community tables. I wanted to get a feel for any 405th members that would like to participate in a table this year. We could have 405th info at the table along with suited up Spartans or ODST, prop examples, WIPs, build methods, etc. I can petition the requisition of a banner and possibly some fliers or cards to pass out. I would even be alright with prop/costume making groups have displays of their props and costumes on hand. Before I do any kind of signups though I need some commitment on shifts at the tables and members suited up so I don't have to waste my weekend sitting at the table by myself and miss out on the con. I want at least 2 people at the table at all times to make sure there is backup for bathroom breaks, water, food, etc, 1 person suited up if possible for the busy parts of the day.

    Please let me know if you you could commit to a few shifts along with times and if you are willing to suit up during any of those shifts and if anyone is available for setup/teardown. If I get enough interest I will set a schedule then put in an application to DCC. And if we can get this rolling I will see about getting shirts designed and printed.

    The only details I have from the form are as follows.

    Please consider the following before completing our sign-up form:

    1. Selling merchandise and/or other items at your community table is prohibited
    2. Your table must be staffed at all times during the con, even while participating in panel sessions
    3. You will need to follow our rules and regulations regarding load in and out times, which will be emailed to you before the event
    4. Having a table in prior years does not guarantee a table for the current year or exact table placement
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  2. Saeka


    I'd love to be able to say, yes, I can go, but can't be certain for a few months yet. :( Would be a great opportunity for us to get out and engage with a lot of people though!
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  3. Angus314


    I'd be down to sign up for a couple shifts.
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  4. DragonMaster


    Twisting Neather and I would be willing to help out as we will be there. Hopefully with our Halo 5 Master Chief and Buck ready.
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  5. SwedishNinja


    Posted this to facebook already but trying to keep activity here if possible.
    I went ahead and put in the table request, we wont know until April (I think) but in the mean time I have started a Google Doc that I'll share here and on the forums that has 'shifts' along with setup, tear down, and if you'll be able to suit up. For the table I'd love to have examples of armor; Pep, foam, etc.. so if anyone has any half finished projects or small peices they could whip up that would be great (I can provide the pep work). I should have an extra bucket or 2 we can display, along with my plasma weps. I have requested the 405th send us a banner and possibly some cards and I might be looking for some input for Mountain regiment shirts and try to have those ready by DCC.
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  6. sketchschmidt


    i can man the table at times but as i have my artist alley booth i still need to man that as well, im more then willing to give people breaks if they want to walk around and see all the awesomeness !!
  7. SwedishNinja


    Update* We did NOT get selected for a table. This gives us some more time to try and help get a few more folks armored for future events.
    I think it would still be great to meet up so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for time, day, and activity please have at it. We should also see if we can plan something out for another photo shoot somewhere around DCC.

    I'll make a new thread about a DCC meetup dinner and possibly a gathering photo shoot.
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