did you hear that?


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okay part six of hunt the truth came out and yes spioalers ahead.

where to start oh the fact that oni had a ai call him in place of the boxing coach who was dead for seven years. then oni makes full back ground to cover their agents on the oni call list. I mean sure the galaxy is big and this hacker meh shock which sounds a lot like a person for I love bee's. but after some time I seen a link to the format. so ben sounds like the boy from I love bees. then rick show up not help but to throw out the oni filler in his face, then aimy shows up in the best way shock and aweing the front door, and mad as hell because ben recorded her with out her knowing, but before it ends leaving ben to wait for this fairo chick which he's never meet but to me it sound's like it might be are little blue girl trying to reach out for help... and then there's the noise at the end which sounds like the one from I love bees, sounds like a code its at 16:00 to 16:05.
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