Do-Dah Parade Info and Roll Call: August 15th, 2020.


405th Regiment Officer
Description: Do-Dah Parade started in 1984, when WKMI organizers designed the parade as a way for companies and organizations to provide unique entertainment through a parody. It was patterned after the Pasadena, California Parade called Doo Dah. The purpose remains the same – use a parody to create a laughable and fun parade that will create conversation. Each year, participants are challenged to reinvigorate the meaning of “Do-Dah” (a parody based on a spoof or a satire of a person, place, event or thing). The parade has been part of the Kalamazoo landscape for 35 years. It's a tradition and it is the funniest parade.

Date: August 15th, 2020

Location: Traditional Parade Route Bronson Park Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Event Website: HERE

Personal Input: (Provided by Matthew Wells)

1. There's a lot in the way of food, including a number of microbreweries for those of age. There are also many nearby hotels, while I could possibly house a few, if we have greater numbers, they would need to get accommodations.

2. There's only one entry fee for the parade, 50$, but there hasn't been a limit on how many can fit in under that.

3. Banners would be helpful, we have a few signs for showing the cause, and I'm working on a nice one for the MMB, having some 405th ones there would be great as well.

4. Applications, I believe, start becoming available between February and April.
On the day of, we have to be on-site for staging before 10:00 am, preferably near 9:00 am

5. The idea behind the parade is to not only dress up but to represent a good cause doing so. We've been carrying the torch of Clean Water in Kalamazoo, since the organization we had been representing, the Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition, dissolved.

Final Thoughts: This is, in my opinion, a fantastic opportunity to not only represent the 405th with our friends and extended family but also make that representation be for a good cause. As Matthew has stated to me, the Michigan Misfits have been making their appearance in this parade for the last five years. As well as that, it is a great opportunity to get a taste of some parade action as we have seen done plenty of times at Dragon Con. I am happy to help represent this wonderful event and its cause alongside as many other willing members as we can muster.

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

- NobleofDeath16
- ColFork85
- Sentri

Tentative Responses:
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As a member of the MMB, and one who has gone to this through the previous years, count me in. As for what cosplay I'll be in, currently unknown.