Do Not Buy The Rubie's Helmet!

im probably going to sell it to one of my friends that no nothing about 405th. theyll think its awesome. they'll pay top dollar for that thing! i just cant tell them about this website. so i guess, no new members from my help.
Jax Archillies said:
you found this at FYE?

what section? id pick one up just to mess with it.

the xbox 360 section where they have the headsets and stuff. your FYE may be different than mine..
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see, now my kids ( 12 and 8 yrs old...) are going to flip out and love this. I show them all of the suits on here and they pee them selves. they will dig this and want to buy it. I can definatley fix the visor and seam. its better than sculpting sanding sanding sanding sanding etc and finally casting or whatever. its cool to have a semi rigid base to start with in almost the right shape. how much would it cost you guys to get this far with paper and bondo etc...if he paid 40 bucks for it and its a usable base, as much as i hate rubies with every molecule of my body, they may have just done some of you more clever guys a cheap favor. just my humble noob opinion and the opinion of a dad on a budget with halo freaks/maniacs for kids. it might be a good halo-ween after all!
ps--anybody else pick one of these up yet? curious to see how they fare across the country., like rubies star wars masks/helmets would be awesome in new york by me, Id go visit family in delaware and boba fett was warped and painted by a person with no arms or eyes..juuuuuust wondering:)
sxysweed said:
That's mean though and you want the 405th to be friendly.
Like I said above, I'll pay shipping and a small fee, and I'll take it off your hands.
I was talking about selling it to him Nicely, around the original Price, probably lower. Not trying to be mean or anything.
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Fenix Chief said:
I was talking about selling it to him Nicely, around the original Price, probably lower. Not trying to be mean or anything.

my friends are barely near a computer ever! they wont know about REAL halo armor. probabally 50 bucks.
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50 should cover your cost and tax. Just don't rip them off. And offer to help them if they ask or need it. Hell, if I could find one, I'd snatch it up and fix it (probably for my grandson).

Overlord Ian

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RadioaciveMicrobe said:
That cheap/crappy thing is probably "teh bestest helmit evar" to about 98% of the world's population, but to use superior 405thers, we stick our noses in the air. Like Sean said, we're just picky.
Its because we're awsome :D
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I'm seriously thinking of getting one to mess with if I can. I'd love to pay 40 dollars and skip the pep process of making one, then just bondo and glass this thing.

As for scale, how tall are you? It looks fine on you, I dont want to get something too big or too small.