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As Bungie announced in the strategically timed early-morning web update, Master Chief will appear in a Halo 3 commercial during tonight's Monday Night Football. Today also signals the registration frenzy to try to score a slot in the Halo 3 public beta (a.k.a Pimps at Sea); check the Halo 3 site for details. (The site wasn't yet updated when this post went live, but we expect a "many will enter, few will win" scenario.)

The 60-second commercial will air on ESPN sometime between 5:50 and 6:20PM PST in North America. The rest of the world can download the commercial at beginning at 9:00PM PST (04.00 GMT). The ad is a mix of live and computer-animated footage, but it won't include any in-game shots. Only North American gamers are currently eligible for the Halo 3 beta. [Update: Direct from Bungie: "Don't panic. The Halo 3 Beta will be available in the US, Europe and elsewhere in the world."

Make sure you have a MSN passport ready just in case.
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Cant wait to see it, and sign up. I have to put my money on that after the commeical airs, i give it a hour a the most till its all over youtube.
still going to for me. looks like the DNS hasnt cycled for me. Anyone else get the right site?
it will be online later on tonight at

the site is ONLY IE compatible btw.
A MSN passport? Also, i got Microflash installed to max and still cant enter, site still not working?
I've been going through to since around lunchtime.

Delete your histories/cookies, or it'll keep sending you over to

Some folks are having trouble seeing the flash because they're using Firefox.

I use IE 6, and as I said, I'm not having any problems seeing it.

According to rumors there's only like 5 - 7 slots in Australia, and that it's not a first-come first serve situation. Folks are being asked to type-in a 25 word essay on "How will the Master Chief 'finish this fight'?"

There's no word on whether that'll be the same requirements expected of folks in the USA, or not, but I know I've got MY sentence ready.

Here is a link to what the site will look like when it goes fully live, but When I hit the enlist button on this page, it's going to an address that says "test", and it says the file is not found. I can only hope that's because it's not supposed to be fully live yet.

As far as sentence selection goes, I know that if I had a zillion entries of only 25 words each, I'd use software to process it. If I did, I'd have a program that takes the first entry and runs a comparison of it against the other entries... For example, if it says: 'My butt is huge" it'll lump together all of the entries that say that.

After it's done that to all of the entries, I'd skip all of the entries that seem to be about the same (statistically), and have humans reading the ones that are statistically unique. Then choose from that group. OR.. if they have 100 slots, and once the percentages were in, they discovered that a group of 100 entires were statistically similar, they might just grab that group.

In other words, I think giving a unique but accurate answer is important here. Out of the millions of entries they're gonna' get, it'd be impossible to be 100% unique and still answer the question correctly.. it'd have to be misspellings, which I'd imagine might disqualify you because you know.. millions of folks spell it all correctly, and the goober that says, "He'd push the xbutton and the covenant would asplode!" shouldn't win.. ya' know?

The other type of software they might use is the same thing they do with school essays of longer length.. It has a list of key words and you get points every time you mention one of those words. Each one of those words has a point value, so certain words are worth more than other.

Man I hope we all get in this thing..

Nevermind.. I just registered through Adam's link in the other thread. I guess the US doesn't require that essay thing. I'll leave this here though for the Austrailian folks on the board.

(I'm still gonna' try after the commercial airs.. just in case..)

Rumors suggest that they'll send everyone an email later with the essay question on it.. but I haven't found any official statement on the matter.
Spartan 021 said:
5:50 and 6:20PM PST, whats that in Eastern Standerd time? you know me and my lonly state of Maine
I'm here in massachusetts, and asking the same question. You're not... entirely... alone.
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I knew that was the one. Awesome job

Hey Chief, nice shields!

Whoa! :shock:
I'm replaying that over and over again for the rest of the night. has it available for download already for anybody who missed it.

Nifty shields ya got there Chief, did you hit the X button to do that???
Seriously, think that'll be standard with the Armor upgrade, a possible function for that nasty useless X button?

Also nice shot of the inside of the helmet, I like the look of that padding.

Didn't quite catch what the kids said though.

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