dont know where to start

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Ok i just joined this fourm and i wanted to know some stuff. I wanted to know when i making say a weapon what do i start with ( i hope iam not reposting something that some one already posted) i'am going to be using something simple like cardboard,wood, or other items i have lying around my house to make the gun, if there is a tuorial on this if someone could send me it that would be great.i would also like to know what is easier to make a weapon or MC helemet. As you can see iam very new and dont know what to do and i'am most likely bugging you people with things like this, but i could use some help.
Ok i dont know everything, but there really isnt a tut for like any armor atm.

What is easier to make weapon or helmet?
what do you mean? do you mean which is easier to make or how to make it?

Since your a supa noob at this point id say try Pepakura, go to the Pepakura section of the forum and look at all the stickies.

If you dont want to start with paper/cardboard "pepakura", try molding using clay and other stuff like that, but most newbies do Pepakura first
Ok i ment what is easier to make a helemet or weapon and what should i use. Also i wanted to know what to use you guys said perp, but i dont know how to use that stuff like when i print it out what do i do with it i look at the tutorial but it was only a little help.
Ok thanks but i have no cardstock forthe helemet i got a bunch of cardboard but i dont know how to reniforce
I started by drawing. I made a gun (ar) first. The helmet has way more detail and hard to make out of cardboard. I tried it. So start by drawing a plan and work up from there
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